Live free practice 1 Malaysian grand prix of F1 in Sepang

Free 1 – Sepang

Straight end of the session and it seems that no pilot is going to improve your time.05:27

Fernando Alonso is one of the few riders that has not been tested the tire half.05:25

Last 10 minutes of the FP1 at Sepang.05:20

‘Cross’ and excursion through the gravel of Nico Rosberg.05:15

¡off the track Nico Rosberg! Small yellow flag for the mishap.05:14

Ocon and Wehrlein are struggling to find the balance of the Manor.05:13

the Return of Mercedes to the track. The first attempts of ‘blistering’ appear in the tires of Bottas.05:09

60′ the FP1: Rosberg (1:35.227), Hamilton, Räikkönen, Vettel, Alonso, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Perez, Button, Hülkenberg.

Alonso is placed in fifth position. The spaniard is 1.2 seconds of Rosberg.04:57

The asphalt has a large margin of improvement and the equipment a lot of analysis work. tires, hard, medium and soft alternate in almost all of the pilots.

Large differences by time. The times of the Mercedes are on mediums, the Ferrari with soft.

Alonso expected to return to the track to continue evaluating the Honda engine.04:47

After passing through the pits to clean his car of gravel, Carlos Sainz is back in action.04:44

While the asphalt is still ‘green’, already wheel under the time of the pole position of 2012, last held in dry (1:36.219).

After 35′ of FP1: Rosberg (1:35.793), Hamilton, Räikkönen, Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Perez, Alonso, Hülkenberg, Massa.04:37

all in all, have already been consumed 35 minutes of the FP1, and Nico Rosberg is at the front (1:35.793).

Carlos Sainz ‘on tour’.04:35

¡off the track of Carlos Sainz! It was long and ended with his Toro Rosso in the gravel.04:32

The reservoir pressure appears to be the cause of the fire on the Renault R. S. 16 Magnussen.04:31

¡GREEN FLAG! The first free training returns to normal.04:28

The Renault R. S. 16 of Magnussen in flames.04:27

The scare for Kevin Magnussen has been important.04:24

RED FLAG: And the session has been halted while @RenaultSportF1 control the flames #FP1 #MalaysiaGP
— Formula 1 (@F1) September 30, 2016


¡RED FLAG! The situation in the pit lane is very dangerous.04:11

total Chaos in the pitlane. Try to empty the tank of the Renault of Magnussen. The gasoline spurting.04:10

The Renault RS16 was standing in the pits when it has been burned to the ground. The mechanics have had to activate the fire extinguishers.

¡FIRE PIT! Had to jump out of the car, Kevin Magnussen.04:07

Carlos Sainz prepares to jump to the track.04:06

29 environmental. The new asphalt logged these hours 39ºC.04:03

Gutierrez, Nasr and Palmer have been the first riders to leave pit.04:02

¡GREEN FLAG! The FP1 is already underway and the first riders on the track.04:00

5 minutes to #FP1 #MalaysiaGP #redseason
— Scuderia Ferrari (@ScuderiaFerrari) September 30, 2016


Five minutes to the start of FP1. Are you prepared?03:56

In the middle of a battle for the title between Rosberg and Hamilton, Mercedes has their first choice of exit champion builders in Sepang. It would be his third consecutive title.03:54

Happy Birthday to @Max33Verstappen!

He’s 19 today – and you’ve already had time to squeeze some cake in before
— Formula 1 (@F1) September 30, 2016


This new Honda engine has not won in power, but duty to do so in reliability.03:51

The FP1 will be a true test bench for Honda and Fernando Alonso, as a premiere of a new engine configuration.03:50

The margin’s asphalt,… What are the remains of Sepang? You what we have in our prior.

Enjoy every sandwich!#MalaysiaGP #EG21
— Esteban Gutierrez (@EstebanGtz) September 29, 2016


first impressions point to a asphalt more abrasive and can reduce the time per lap in three seconds.

despite the change of date, Sepang is one of the quotations toughest of the season by the weather conditions. The new asphalt will be a workhorse.

¡a Very good evening! In is we fight for the dream to be able to tell you everything that happens in the first free practice of the GP of Malaysia. Are you there? As bienvenido.03:32

The World of Formula 1 continues its path and after an exciting Singapore GP, the drivers and teams face the always complex Sepang. Used to play the Malaysian GP earlier this season, the riders and teams are faced with new conditions in a path, which however is already visited at this time of the year in the seasons of 1999 and 2000. In spite of this, the main change is the resurfacing that has suffered the track, and according to the promoter of the Grand Prix promises new challenges since several curves have changed their angles, or even his lines optimal.

In sports, the championship arrives at red-hot. The imperial victory of Nico Rosberg in the streets of Singapore has placed the German as a leader with an advantage of only 8 points in relation to Lewis Hamilton, in a battle that can crown to Mercedes champion of builders. In addition, Sepang live a new episode of the fight between Red Bull and Ferrari and the ever-lasting struggle to get into an area of points in which it hopes to be able to be Fernando Alonso, every time Honda unveils its latest evolution of the engine. Seem ingredients more than enough to stay to live free of the Malaysian GP, with is.