Live free practice 1 of the European GP of F1 in Baku

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¡Good morning [email protected]! In less than half an hour starts the first free practice of the European GP at the new circuit of Bakú.10:32

Step to the unknown. Formula 1 lands in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, to play the first GP of Europe in this place, at a circuit city full of contrasts and which, in principle attracts a lot of attention. With reminiscences to Macau, the pilots of Formula 1 will have to face a huge line of more than two kilometres in the third sector, and in which you can to achieve a speed of 340 km/h. It is curious that a street circuit has the longest straight of the world and during half a turn is with the throttle.

Be that as it may, the layout of Baku is able to pass this vast and wide straight to a narrow section in a blink of an eye. In this aspect, some pilots have expressed concern with the combination of the curves 7 and 8, since the presence of a medieval wall causes the track to just have two cars wide. Despite this, the layout of the city of Baku gives a verdict on any of its corners, so it will be important for riders to take advantage of every minute on track. Therefore, we invite you to live in direct the free practice sessions in is.