Live free practice 2 for the Monaco Grand Prix of F1

Free 2

In less than 30 minutes, will the car of #F1 to the streets of the Principality of Monaco, for the dispute of the second session of free13:34

Free 1

I put a point and followed the direct of the free! In a few hours we will return to the action with the FP2. Until then, thank you for joining us. A greeting of Fernando Sancho.11:48

Chronic FP1: Lewis Hamilton sends in a few accident-free.

Moment of impact of the sewer against the car Button.11:36

it Seems that Rosberg has lifted a manhole cover, which has been the object that has beaten the McLaren’s of Button.11:30

The session is not reemprenderá. Ends the FP1 under red flag.

¡RED FLAG!11:27

Hole noticeable in the wheel well left rear of Rosberg.11:27

And gift, puncture for Jenson Button. Session very uneven between one thing and another11:25

¡PUNCTURE for Nico Rosberg!11:24

¡track Output of Daniil Kvyat! Spent braking in Santa Devota.11:21

Straight end of the free practice sessions. Scare Bottas in full tunnel.11:20

Another yellow flag. In this case, Felipe Nasr has used the loophole of Santa Devota

SPEED TRAP: Just 0.7 mph separating the top five #FP1 #MonacoGP #F1
— Formula 1 (@F1) May 26, 2016


The activity has become normal to the track after retiring the car of Jolyon Palmer.11:10

¡Safety Car Virtual! The Renault Palmer hit the wall before the pool.11:07

¡again yellow flags! Jolyon Palmer has hit the barriers.11:06

The Haas F1 Gutierrez rests already on the way out.11:06

Daniel Ricciardo improves his time. Is placed seven tenths behind Hamilton

Esteban Gutierrez has been arrested in the curve entrance of the tunnel.

¡yellow Flag! The Haas F1 Gutierréz stopped on track.11:02

After his mistake, Sebastian Vettel is placed third on the following lap. Eight tenths of Hamilton.10:59

Sebastian Vettel also circumvents the chicane of the port for the escape. Usual image in the first free.

Kevin Magnussen uses the escape from the chicane to the exit of the tunnel.10:55

Even the fastest they make mistakes.10:52

¡yellow Flag! Hamilton has done a straight in Santa Devota. Scare without consequences.10:51

Hamilton skips the chicane after the tunnel. Came again in quick turn.

Lewis Hamilton responds to his teammate with a 1:15.537. Of new first the british.10:49

this is the helmet of Felipe Massa for the #MonacoGP 2016#LupionGP via: @MassaFelipe19
— #LupiònGP (@LupionGP) May 26, 2016


New quick time of Nico Rosberg. The German to the fastest time in 1:15.835.10:45

After the first 40 minutes of the session, stop generalized. Only Rosberg and Haryanto are kept on track.10:40

He has gone from a hair-Esteban Gutiérrez.10:34

Scare for Esteban Gutierrez at the exit of the tunnel. Jolyon Palmer touch the barriers on the last corner.10:33

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen were promoted to the second and third position.10:30

all in all, the commissioners have removed the car from Massa and has removed the yellow flag.10:27

Time of the impact of Felipe Massa against the barriers.10:27

Notable damage in the rear suspension of the Williams of Massa.10:25

¡Safety Car Virtual! Felipe Massa has hit against the protections of the curve 1.10:24

¡yellow Flag in the first sector! ACCIDENT.10:24

First few laps of the Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel ascends to the fifth position, Räikkonen wheel slow.10:23

Czech wants to be part of the action too! #MonacoGP #FeelTheForce
— Sahara Force India (@ForceIndiaF1) May 26, 2016


Mercedes, Williams and Toro Rosso are the teams with the most active until now.10:18

Carlos Sainz also completes his first lap, albeit at a slow pace.10:16

Daniil Kvyat is the third pilot in marking time, while Mercedes works in the life of the tires ultrablandos (7 and 9 turns already).10:14

Always a busy pit lane at #MonacoGP #FP1
— WILLIAMS RACING (@WilliamsRacing) May 26, 2016


Lewis Hamilton falls to 1:18.302. Good turn for the british pilot.10:10

Hamilton and Rosberg are unique in setting a time with the rubber ultrablanda. The German leads with a time of 1:20.141.

Pirelli will be able to monitor the tire pressure for the first time in real-time.

installation Laps for most riders.10:04

Green light! #FP1 #MonacoGP
— Renault Sport F1 (@RenaultSportF1) May 26, 2016


Kevin Magnussen goes out onto the track and makes its debut with the tire ultrablando in a weekend of competition.10:01

¡GREEN FLAG! In march the FP1.10:00

Monaco leaves no margin for error and there are no pilots in reserve during the dispute of the FP1.09:59

For its part, Honda mounted a new engine on the car of Alonso with changes (without spending tokens) to improve the reliability.09:55

In Monaco, Renault premiere motor specification. As was proven in the test in Barcelona.09:41

Although the Monaco GP is one of the most well-known in the world, is not to review its details.

In less than 30 minutes will start the the first practice session of the Monaco GP, and is because we are ready to tell you about it. F1 live 09:30

Formula 1 lands in your scenario, the most iconic, in his career more glamorous. The month of may is synonymous with the Monaco Grand Prix, as well as other big races like the Indianapolis 500-Mile race. In any case, from this Thursday until Sunday, the streets of Monte carlo will be shaken by the roar of the cars a category that comes with many open fronts. The first and most important the duel between the drivers of Mercedes, which ended with a crash in Barcelona. The tension can be felt in the team of the ‘arrows of silver’.

despite being a circuit very complex, with a configuration very different from the rest of the scenarios of the season and in the which outweigh other facets of the car, the Monaco GP is the place chosen by Renault to debut its new propellant, in the same way that Fernando Alonso will premiere a unit of power, but of the current specification. Be that as it may, Monaco allows us to enjoy the first two free practice sessions the day before, so that already we invite you to experience the Monaco GP with the direct of is.