Live: free practice 2 of the japanese GP in F1 2017 in Suzuka

Free 2 – Suzuka


LAST TIME: The session starts at 14:45 hours local, that is to say, to the 7:45 Spanish time.

outside of rain, and boats, the news of the day is the signing deMarcin Budkowski by Renault.

it Seems that the rain fell at Suzuka. Now the issue is derenaje. The Safety Car appraised improvement, except for a few puddles.07:34

30 minutes of session. Without novelty.

First ten minutes of the session, and or even the sewer drain. This goes for long.

This is the level…Media preview

¡GREEN LIGHT! Arracan the FP2, passed by water in Suzuka.

Less than two minutes to the start of a FP2 not to have great activity.


LATEST news: Renault Sport confirms the arrival of Marcin Budkowski. Will Be Executive Director.06:39

For the moment and forgetting the rain, we invite you to read what has happened in the FP1. Vettel has been fastest in a session in which Sainz has had a strong crash.

boats of paper have returned to the pitlane in Suzuka. it was Raining in Japan.

¡Good day! Today we get up early to follow everything that happens in the FP2 of the GP of Japan. Coffee in hand, I hope to share the second session of the end of semana.

Free 1 – Suzuka

With the news of the FP1 of my companion David S. de Castro, it is time to close this live. We will see you in less than two hours to live, the FP2. A greeting from the entire team of is.

¡CHECKERED FLAG! Ends of way official the FP1 in Suzuka.

final Classification of the FP1 of the GP of Japan:
1 Sebastian Vettel – 1:29.166
2nd Lewis Hamilton +0.211
3rd Daniel Ricciardo +0.375
4th Kimi Raikkonen +0.472
5th Valtteri Bottas +0.985
6th Max Verstappen +1.596
7 Esteban Ocon +1.733
8th Nico Hülkenberg +1.808
9th Romain Grosjean +1.866
10th Stoffel Vandoorne +2.036

Straight end of FP1, and now, the rain is gaining ground. A good number of drivers returning to the pits.

despite the presence of these drops of rain, the pilots are still running very strong.

Problems in the Haas of Kevin Magnussen. The Danish has to go back to the box.04:19

it Starts to rain in Suzuka.04:13

¡Vettel has lost his turn! Came with a record of the first two sectors.

¡GREEN LIGHT! Many rush to get back on track, the rain threat.

Removed the car of Carlos Sainz. The session is close to reemprenderse.

this has been the Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz after the accident.

Carlos Sainz has walked in excess of the piano to the exit of the Hairpin, that he has lost control of the Toro Rosso. Strong blow, although the spaniard rises by his own foot.

¡Accident of Carlos Sainz! Blow front. I RED FLAG!

time Table of the FP1 of the GP of Japan:
1 Lewis Hamilton – 1:29.337
2nd Sebastian Vettel +0.042
3rd Daniel Ricciardo +0.164
4th Kimi Raikkonen +0.602
5th Valtteri Bottas +0.774
6th Max Verstappen +1.385
7th Nico Hülkenberg +1,597 to
8th-Stoffel Vandoorne +in 1825
9 Fernando Alonso +2.211
10th Kevin Magnussen +2.243

It crosses the equator of the session. It would not be strange to see a pilot begin his work of long runs.

Räikkönen, Hülkenberg, Palmer, Ocon, Magnussen and Ericsson the drivers present on the track. Räikkönen has jumped to the track with new rubbers.03:45

Sebastian Vettel took the second place to 42 thousandths of Hamilton. And has done so with soft tyre!


track Output of Verstappen in the second sector. Walk on the gravel without any major consequences.03:38

In his first stint with superblandos, Fernando Alonso placed seventh (1:31.588). Now returning to the track again.

1:29.541 for Ricciardo with superblandos. New best time from FP1.


Hamilton has returned to the box with the best time. 1:30.042 for the british.

Sainz penalized 20 positions. 6th MGU-H + 5º ICE + 5th turbo = 20 posts.

Small track output of Valtteri Bottas without consequences.

The gums soft and superblandas are mixed in these first laps of the equipment. Thirteen drivers with at least one full turn.03:15

Ferrari has confirmed that the gearbox that Vettel used in Malaysia shall be mounted directly on Saturday. Today shooting with an old unit.03:13


Carlos Sainz reported by radio the presence of a few drops of rain. For the moment, the sky holds.

For the moment, , the two drivers of Mercedes roll with soft, the two men of Red Bull with superblandas.

Hamilton, Bottas, Ricciardo and Verstappen already signed the first few laps. For the moment, Hamilton is the faster (1:31:544) with rubber soft.

First few laps of training in Suzuka. Certain rush by if the rain ends by appear.

¡GREEN LIGHT! Boots the FP1 in Suzuka.

Before you begin, as it has done Alonso, in we want to agree on Jules Bianchi. Always in our memory!

Vandoorne was going to try the halo, but faced with the possibility of rolling in the dry, McLaren has dismantled.

a Few drops of rain threatening the start of FP1. Of time, dry track.02:52


LAST TIME: Carlos Sainz will suffer a penalty of at least 20 positions by a change of the power unit.

¿Te apatece give a back by the past? we invite You to do so:

GP Japan 1987: Berger launches his belt with Ferrari
GP Japan 1990: Aguri Suzuki, the first podium for a japanese


While Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel play the title, Valtteri Bottas has shown his hand more self-critical.

Alonso you think you have the pace to be competitive at Suzuka, but at McLaren they know what to do. What to penalise or not? There is .02:40

Before we get in, who better to review the prior of the GP of Japan, their schedules and their keys in the video. Three-in-one!

¡Good night! In less than half an hour starts the GP of Japan with the dispute of their first free. In is because we are prepared to tell everything that happens.02:31

The hangover of the Malaysian GP still has not passed and the Formula 1 returns to the activity. The final straight of the championship offers no rest, so that drivers and teams face barely breathing the GP of Japan, one of the quotes most beautiful of the season. Suzuka is for many riders one of the circuits more and more attractive of the season, to which we must add the tide of fervent fans who cheer for each one of the members of the paddock. A perfect setting to settle once more the duel between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Well it is true that Lewis Hamilton has taken a big advantage in Singapore and Malaysia, two circuits in which all lights the Mercedes was lower. However, in the Ferrari are not giving up and apurarán each and every one of the options that have the power to prevent a new title from the british. In the equation has been cast a Red Bull increasingly strong, something that well could be repeated in Suzuka. The battle for ‘middle earth’ will be once again exciting. Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso will try to become a hollow and so you will have our direct in is.