Live free practice 3 GP Canada F1

Free 3

Mercedes dominated the two sessions of free Friday, but cooler temperatures can complicarles15:40

The temperatures have plummeted. Cloudy day in Montreal, only 13 degrees.15:35

In half an hour will begin the third and last free practice sessions at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. A greeting of Adrian Fernandez15:32

Honda has spent tokens on to improve your turbo and it seems that the improvements are working. Read it here.15:30

Ferrari has brought several modifications in his car to try to catch up with Mercedes and overtake Red Bull, read it here. 15:27

Very good afternoon [email protected] Little more than 30 minutes for the start of the third free practice session for the Canadian Grand Prix. 15:23

Free 2

It Time to turn off the lights! Tomorrow I hope to live all the excitement of the FP3 and qualifying session, with rain as a possible protagonist. A greeting of Fernando Sancho and around the Engine is.

Chronic FP2 by David S. de Castro: Hamilton crushes the heavy ultrablandos21:37


— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2016


Doublet of Lewis Hamilton in both sessions of Friday’s free. Rival to beat. 21:31

¡END OF FP2! Ended the Friday of the Canadian GP.21:30

Small yellow flag in the first sector which is removed almost immediately.

Last moments of the session, Hamilton will be the best time in the FP2, except miracle of the last hour.21:28

These guys deal in milliseconds and [email protected]_oficial = cool as a cucumber#CanadianGP
— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2016


Only Verstappen, Sainz, Gutierrez and Wehrlein are in the pit lane, five minutes to the end of the FP2.21:25

Daniil Kvyat jumps to the first corner after going over braking. Without consequences for your car.21:23

Hamilton is completing now a long run with soft tyres.21:21

JB makes a mid-run pitstop to fit new tyres. #TeamWork #CanadianGP
— McLaren (@McLarenF1) June 10, 2016


Alonso builds up to 20 laps with ultrablandos and the car skids a lot. Skimming the walls.21:18

Fernando Alonso on the verge of the wall of champions. Closer than ever to the wall.21:17

Little more than fifteen minutes to the end. A lot of traffic on track with long runs of almost all of the pilots.

The clear example is Hamilton. 19 laps now with the ultrablando and with a pace very consistent.21:11

Number of drivers exceed the 20 laps with tires ultrablandos. Same trend as in Monaco.

Great job for Kvyat. Have tried soft, superblandos (new and used) and ultrablandos. All in a little over an hour, and runs consistent.21:08

Grosjean is rolling with rubber ultrablandas but with high load of gasoline, like many other pilots.

Checking DRS on #Kimi7”s car #FP2 #CanadianGP #redseason
— Scuderia Ferrari (@ScuderiaFerrari) June 10, 2016


It meets the first hour of each session. Hamilton is still in the lead with a time of 1:14.212.21:00

Only six drivers in the pit lane. However, times stable. Runs longer in this part of the session.20:58

— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2016


Kimi Räikkönen wheel in 1:15.2 in the first round with tire ultrablando.

In these moments Sainz wheel 10 (on the track) and Hamilton is 11th (pit).20:51

Sebastian Vettel has been promoted to the second position after improving his time. Two tenths behind Hamilton.20:49

Daniel Ricciardo does not get down your best time now.20:45

Fernando Alonso placed ninth with the tire ultrablando. To 1.2 seconds of the time reference.20:42

Good paper of the Red Bull so far. Verstappen 4th and Ricciardo 5th.20:41

SPEED TRAP: Just 0.2 kmph between the top three on the speed gun early in #FP2
— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2016


Daniil Kvyat has had a track output in the first curve. Avoid walking on the grass and hitting the barriers.20:34

¡Ultrablandas TIME! First improved Nico Rosberg, but Lewis Hamilton breaks the clock with a 1:14.212.

Nico Rosberg has taken advantage of this impasse on the track to place a 1:14.751 as the best record.20:29

With almost a half-hour session, many riders have returned to the box after his first laps.

Small last stop is Lewis Hamilton.

Jo’s back! #FP2 #CanadianGP
— Renault Sport F1 (@RenaultSportF1) June 10, 2016


Max Verstappen outperforms Hamilton in his last lap. 1:15.259 for the pilot of Red Bull.

Fernando Alonso improves to sixth position.20:16

there Are fast times, but with room for improvement since I still have not used the tires ultrablandos.20:13

Max Verstappen is placed first with a time of 1:15.920 and is already faster than on the FP2 of the GP of Canada 2015.

Perez returns to improve his time (1:16.065) with record S3.

Sergio Pérez wheel for the clock in 1:16.203, still far from the times of FP1.20:07

Vettel and Nasr have small outputs of track in two of the chicanes of the circuit.

Vettel mark a time of 1:17.815. Exceeds the times of Wehrlein, Haryanto and Nasr.20:04

Sebastian Vettel starts directly his first lap.20:03

installation Laps for Wehrlein, Räikkönen, Nasr and Haryanto. Other pilots follow in their wake.20:02

¡GREEN FLAG! The second-free is already underway in Canada.20:00

Great work of Williams in this regard, having to rebuild the rear of the FW38 and fitting a new gearbox.19:58

despite its strong crash in FP1, Felipe Massa will start the second free without problems.19:58

Following in the wake of the FP1, Max Verstappen has received a reprimand for obstructing Bottas.19:55

Magnificent Montreal#CanadianGP#FP2
— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2016


If you have not been able to view the first session free, read the chronicle of David S. de Castro: Hamilton starts in Canada sending with authority19:39

In less than 30 minutes start the free 2 of the Grand Prix of Canada are you prepared?19:31

Free 1

First assault completely, but the Formula 1 does not cease in Canada. This afternoon they will compete in the second free practice session and I hope to live it together. A greeting party of Fernando Sancho.

Our chronic FP1: Hamilton starts sending in Canada17:38


— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2016


Doublet of Mercedes in the FP1. Of time Hamilton and Rosberg are sent in Canada.17:32

¡End of the first free! Checkered flag in Canada.17:30

we Entered at the last minute.17:29

Williams will have to change the gearbox FW38 of Massa. Engine intact.17:26

Went to the track Button between a cloud of smoke, and the computer will call back to return to the pits.

Last few minutes in #FP1 – @RGrosjean back out to gather some info on a set of used Purple throw. #CanadianGP
— Haas F1 Team (@HaasF1Team) June 10, 2016


Sebastian Vettel has arrived in the pitlane with some graining on his tyres.

Grows the activity on track. The riders and teams want to take advantage of the last few minutes.17:18

Jenson Button suffers hydraulic problems of a similar nature that had Alonso.17:15

The fork of the second sector will choke to Marcus Ericsson.17:13

Straight end of the first training. Among the fastest riders the use of the tire ultrablando has been timely or null.17:11

Räikkönen, Vettel, Haryanto, Nasr and Ericsson are the only five drivers that roll in track.17:08

alternative Ways to take the chicane by Max Verstappen.17:07

Williams reports that the DRS will not be closed in its entirety at the time of the accident of Massa.17:03

despite this incidence, Hamilton leads the FP1 with a time of 1:14.755.17:03

Now it is Lewis Hamilton who has a bit of a scare because it has been found with Alonso on this curve rolling slow.17:02

Serious problems in the last curve. Rosberg contravolanteando.17:01

Fernando Alonso also jumps the chicane of entry to target. Looking for all the point of braking.16:58

Great to see former @FCBarcelona and Spain legend @Carles5puyol in the #CanadianGP pits #FP1
— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2016


Scare for Bottas. Had to dodge Verstappen in the last chicane.16:56

Kimi Räikkonen skips the chicane of entry to target. Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg was first placed (1:15.746).16:53

Valtteri Bottas, Jenson Button and Nico Hülkenberg upgrade your laps personal.

¡And again improves Sainz! The pilot Toro Rosso is placed second.16:51

Carlos Sainz has improved his time and placed third (1:16.935).16:49

Esteban Gutiérrez does not improve excessively your time. Far from the 1:16.138 of Räikkönen.16:47

The tires ultrablandos make an appearance. Esteban Gutiérrez has already mounted the tire ‘purple’.16:45

Track empty in Canada.16:42

Green light for #FP1 #CanadianGP #redseason
— Scuderia Ferrari (@ScuderiaFerrari) June 10, 2016


¡GREEN FLAG! The FP1 back in march.16:37

Evacuated the car of Massa. The FP1 will start again soon.16:34

The commissioners proceed to check out the Williams FW38 with a crane.16:30

The rear of the FW38 totally shattered.16:29

Impact of the Williams FW38 of Massa against the barriers.

¡Red Flag! Strong blow of Massa against the barriers.16:26

¡Accident of Felipe Massa!16:25

Wild last braking of Kevin Magnussen.16:23

Little by little grows the activity on track. Massa the fastest (1:17.065).16:22

Leaking hydraulics in the McLaren MP4-31 Fernando Alonso. It will take quite a lot in return to track.16:19

Daniel Ricciardo in action.16:18

Rio Haryanto for the clock in 1:25.231. Indonesian is the only rider on the track.

Both Werhlein as Haryanto jump with the Manor to the track. Are the only pilots that roll right now.16:13

When you’re out and about for a chilled Friday morning drive at 300kph#FP1 #CanadianGP
— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2016


Let’s go!!!! #F1 #CanadianGP #FP1
— MERCEDES AMG F1 (@MercedesAMGF1) June 10, 2016


Paraffin in the wings of McLaren and Red Bull. Many changes of the aerodynamic for this Great Premo.16:06

Nico Rosberg opens the way. The German completes his first lap in 1:30.434.

First installation laps. Still no pilot has marked time.16:04

Mercedes is not far behind in news. Rear wing, monkey seat, front wing. Deployment bestial.16:03

GREEN LIGHT#CanadianGP weekend is GO as #FP1 gets under way in Montreal
— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2016


¡GREEN FLAG! Boots the FP1, will start the Canadian GP.16:00

Thumbs up from @EstebanGtz, he’s ready to get #FP1 rolling. #HaasF1 #CanadianGP— Haas F1 Team (@HaasF1Team) June 10, 2016


¡Five minutes to the start of FP1! Do you all ready?15:55

Although the sun shining over the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, the forecast announces possible rain for the weekend.15:49

Also McLaren-Honda has received a fuel up to date, in the same way that all the pilots of Renault and Red Bull mounted the latest spec of the engine is French.15:45

Here’s the scene in Montreal as the teams finalise their instructions ahead of #FP1 at the
— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2016


Honda has also taken the step to have a brand new turbo in the McLaren MP4-31.15:43

Without going more far, Ferrari releases a new turbo. (The three tokens)15:41

The appointment of canadian tends to be the focus of developments in the cars. Ferrari, Renault and Honda mounted updates in their cars.

Good afternoon friends and friends. In 30 minutes starts the Canadian Grand Prix and is you we live15:30

The narrow Monaco to the very fast Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The Formula 1 is a sport of contrasts and it is time to face up to the Canadian GP, seventh test scoring calendar. teams tend to choose this career to include news in their cars to be a circuit with high-speed sections and curves ‘stop&go’. In this aspect, this season is not an exception and Red Bull, Ferrari or McLaren take several updates on their cars. With the tokens of the engines, flying from one side to the other, the free practice sessions take on a greater importance.

In this aspect, Ferrari unveils a new turbo, same piece that has updated Honda in the engine of the McLaren MP4-31. For his part, all the pilots of Renault and Red Bull premiered the new specification of the engine of the French house, the entire time in Monaco is only Daniel Ricciardo and Kevin Magnussen could enjoy the same. Therefore, hhere are many things to test during the sessions of the Friday, in which it will also be important to see the level of performance of each of the cars. For this reason, tand invite you to live the free practice of the GP of Canada with the direct of is.