Live free practice 3 of the Grand Prix of Austria of F1

Free 3

¡GREEN FLAG! Boots the FP3 in Spielberg.11:00

In two minutes it will boot the last session free. Do you all ready?10:58

[email protected] preparing for #AustrianGP final practice
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Yesterday the rain if he was the protagonist. While the FP1 was played in the dry, the FP2 was in joint conditions.

The weather forecast ruled out rain until 20:00h. The protagonist may be the heat.10:37

The FIA has confirmed that Ferrari has spent a ‘token’. Has been to improve the camshaft of the ICE.

Very good days. In half an hour you start the last free of the GP of Austria. After the rain of yesterday, will be especially important. Don’t miss!10:30

Free 2

End of FP2: Rosberg (1:07.967), Hamilton, Hülkenberg, Vettel, Ricciardo, Sainz, Verstappen, Räikkönen, Bottas, Button.15:32

¡CHECKERED FLAG! The session ends after the incident Vettel.15:31

Vettel loses full control of his Ferrari. Virtual Safety Car15:31

¡off the track by SEBASTIAN VETTEL! Scare for the German pilot.15:28

Nico Rosberg came with two sectors in purple, but return to box. Aborts back.15:28

Verstappen and Sainz improve their respective lap times. Five minutes to the end.

Time for Jolyon to go play with nice purple boots. #FP2 #AustrianGP
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On his second lap, Lewis Hamilton is 19 thousandths of Rosberg (1:07.986).15:22

Lewis Hamilton came in quick turn absolute, but met with Gutierrez.15:21

Daniil Kvyat also get to improve your quick time. The Russian down to the 1:09.556.15:19

The track is in better conditions. Kimi Räikkönen improvement to be placed eighth (1:09.991).15:17

Problems in the RB12 of Ricciardo. It was ‘hooked’ in second.15:16

about To enter the last 15 minutes. On a dry track, slicks and want to make times.

Räikkönen and Vettel roll on the track. The Ferrari drivers are added Sainz and Ricciardo.15:12

With patches very wet, it’s not worth taking risks. Only Sergio Perez on track now.15:07

With a 1-hour session: Rosberg, Vettel, Ricciardo, Hülkenberg, Hamilton, Alonso, Bottas, Wehrlein, Sainz, Button.

Fernando Alonso improves his time. 1:09.411 with tire intermediate. Look for the water in a straight line.

The third sector continues to be the most critical for pilots.

Top of Max Verstappen in the curve 9.14:52

The first sector is nearly dry and the last wet. Difficult conditions for the tire intermediate.

Small off-track by Nico Rosberg in the curve 1.14:50

Max Verstappen comes out for the first time in the box.14:47

Daniel Ricciardo breaks the silence in Austria. Out to the track with tires intermediate.14:45

taking Advantage of these track conditions, Red Bull has managed to repair the RB12 Max Verstappen without ‘wasting much time’.

In certain parts of the circuit as it is not raining, but the track is far from dry.

taking Advantage of the lack of cars on track, I invite you to read about the control system of the pressures of Mercedes.14:32

Lower the intensity of the rain when you meet the first 25 minutes of the session.

Still diluviando at the Red Bull Ring. We have to wait to be able to see activity on the track.

Before entering to the pits, spun for Sergio Perez.14:11

The third sector is unworkable, even if it rains on the whole circuit. All the riders back to the pits.14:10

To Räikkönen was a hair touching the wall.14:09

Diluvia in the third sector. A lot of rain now in Spielberg.14:09

¡off the track Kimi Räikkönen! The Ferrari, the finn went into the gravel.14:06

In his first lap has left Nico Rosberg a 1:07.967. So, without time to breathe.

it Seems that fall the first drops in some parts of the circuit. Nico Rosberg has returned to the box.14:05

The pilots go out in platoon to runway. With the threat of rain, every minute on the asphalt account.

¡GREEN FLAG! Boots the FP2 in Austria.14:00

changing Wind, black clouds. The threat of rain is becoming more and more high.

And just like that, it’s time for #FP2! Drivers, in! #AustrianGP
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Five minutes to the start of the FP2. Are you ready?13:56

For the moment the rain does not make act of presence. 45ºC ambient, 25ºC on track. Moisture 49%.13:49

The actions of Wehrlein and Haryanto during the FP1 is solved with sendas reprimands. Wehrlein does not respect the speed VSC, Haryanto made a return to track dangerous.13:42

Vettel has been penalised five places on the grid for the replacement of the gearbox in his car.13:40

If you missed the first session of free, here’s our recap: Rosberg rules the Red Bull Ring with solvency13:34

Good afternoon, we are already here again, prepared to tell that occurs in the second practice session of the GP of Austria. Less than 30 minutes to start.13:31

Free 1

Our chronicle: Rosberg rules the Red Bull Ring with solvency11:45

Nico Rosberg is at the front of the FP1 with a time of 1.07.373. Only Mercedes was shot in 1:07. Vettel is third.

¡CHECKERED FLAG! We arrived at the end of FP1.11:30

Double track output to Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat. Is looking for the limits.

Last five minutes of FP1.11:25

Reaches the RB12 of Max Verstappen in the pit lane.11:25

The pressure of the tires to test. The procedure has changed, as has been communicated by the FIA before the start of this FP1.11:20

Without changes in the timesheets, Rosberg, Massa, Sainz, Hülkenberg, Palmer and Nasr on track.

Last 15 minutes of session. Tests with different levels of fuel and tyres.11:14

Double investigation at the Manor. To Wehrlein for not respecting the regime of the Safety Car, Virtual. For its part, Wehrlein is being investigated by his dangerous return to the track.

With over 1 hour of session: Rosberg, Vettel, Hamilton, Räikkönen, Massa, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Kvyat, Bottas, Sainz.

Time of the top of Rio Haryanto, with the Manor.11:07

¡Another yellow flag! Spun off from Rio Haryanto, with the addition to track dangerous gift.11:06

regarding the accident of the problem of Max Verstappen, several pilots have complained about the height of the kerbs that mark the boundaries of the track.11:05

Max Verstappen broke the front suspension right when you pass by the piano.11:03

¡Max Verstappen gets trapped in the gravel! Safety Car Virtual.11:00

¡YELLOW FLAG! Small track output of Nico Rosberg.10:59

[email protected] goes P6 with his first flying lap on the supersoft tyre #FP1 #AustrianGP
— WILLIAMS RACING (@WilliamsRacing) July 1, 2016


The reference time of Nico Rosberg is 1.07.373. Now ruera with ultrablandos.

Nico Rosberg returns to the track after several minutes of absolute inactivity.

The Haas F1 Esteban Gutiérrez was left without power in a straight line before entering the pits.

All the riders in the pits right now. We are 47 minutes from the end of FP1.10:42

Several minutes later, a commissioner removed the piece of the front wing that he left the car to Max Verstappen on track.10:40

open Research Marcus Ericsson for an entry in to the garage spot.10:38

a Lot of activity on the track. You can feel the intention to advance the work in the FP2 the rain makes act of presence.10:35

30′ of FP1: Rosberg, Hamilton, Vettel, Ricciardo, Räikkönen, Verstappen, Bottas, Button, Massa, Alonso.

Grosjean ran into the dirt raised by Hamilton.10:29

¡YELLOW FLAG! Double top for Lewis Hamilton and Romain Grosjean.10:26

Forget what was said. Nico Rosberg, mark a 1:08.166. The circuit is much faster.10:25

The new asphalt is made to note. In the FP1 roll, three tenths off pole from last year.10:25

Now Vettel improves and is placed third with Ferrari. Hamilton moves to the front (1:08.808).10:23

in spite of everything, Rosberg and Hamilton are already at the head of the FP1. Ricciardo is third, also rolling in 1:09.

Two consecutive laps with traffic for Lewis Hamilton.10:22

The teams choose to test the three compounds against the threat of rain in the face to the FP2.10:20

Small last stop of Nico Rosberg in the curve 1.10:19

Still times are slow, although it is expected that with the new asphalt the performance can be increased.10:17

Alfonso Celis will mark its first return. The pilot of the Force India jumped into the car of Sergio Perez.10:15

An early spot of aero testing for Kevin Magnussen and Renault in #FP1#AustrianGP#F1
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The own Max Verstappen will mark the very first time. 1:10.099 for the Dutch.

Max Verstappen on the side with the RB12. We’re going on a rally…10:09

Still no pilot has marked time. Magnussen has done two installation laps with sensors in RS16.10:06

Everything ready at Haas F1 for Romain Grosjean to skip to the track.10:02

Palmer, Wehrlein, Nasr, Magnussen, Räikkönen, Haryanto, Gutierrez and Massa are the first riders to jump on to the track.

¡GREEN FLAG! The GP of Austria is underway. We are already on the FP1.10:00

A minute to the start of the FP1 of the GP of Austria.09:59

19th C in the air, 31º C in the asphalt. Of time hold the sun on the circuit of Spielberg.09:58

10 MINS TO GO in#FP1 is coming up in Austria!#AustrianGP#F1
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Hamilton arrives in need of cut points to Rosberg, but also the edge of the penalty.09:48

One of the big news of the week has been the renewal of Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso.

Before entering in action, we invite you to know all the data of Spielberg and the GP of Austria in our prior.09:34

¡Very good day! We are here to discuss the first free practice sessions of the GP of Austria. In less than half now starts the action in Spielberg.09:30

Nico Rosberg is the king of the Red Bull Ring. The German rider has been the winner of the two editions of the GP of Austria held since the return to the calendar of this track and lands on Spielberg with the intention of extending his streak after strengthening his lead at the front of the Formula 1 World championship in Baku. In front, without the possibility of more faults after year spot, Lewis Hamilton is in need of cut points to your partner, box. The duel is more than served on a track where Ferrari and Red Bull may pose a certain threat.

Also Williams has had a good performance on this track, although it is more than likely that the FW38 have to fight for to become hollow in the middle part of the grill. A battle that will be more matched than at other tracks because the configuration of the path of Spielberg makes the differences are very small and every tenth you can assume several positions lost in qualifying. Every mistake is paid dearly, every thousandth is worth a world, and it is for this reason that the work during the free will be critical. For this reason, I invite you to live the free practice of the GP of Austria with the direct of is.