Live pre-season test of Formula 1 in Barcelona. Day 1

Day 1 test pre-season

Times after the 1st hour of test (Under red Flag):

1st Vettel – 1:23.560
2nd Bottas – 1:24.654
3º Ricciardo – 1:28.712.10:02

The RB13 Daniel Ricciardo is stopped just before the curve 4.09:54


The car that caused the red flag is the Red Bull RB13 of Daniel Ricciardo.

¡RED FLAG!09:53


all in all, Sebastian Vettel left a 1:23.560 as a time reference before returning to the box.

Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo jump to the track with the Force India and Red Bull. Of time, little movement.

Valtteri Bottas returns to the pits with the Mercedes W08. 9 laps on medium tyres and a best time of 1:24.654.09:41



Sebastian Vettel marks his first time. 1:24.953 for the Ferrari driver with pneumatic means.09:35

Meanwhile, the first few times are already contained in the monitors. Bottas signature a 1:26.4 input with the Mercedes.09:31

Also, skip to the track the Ferrari SF70-H of the hand of Vettel.09:29


Daniel Ricciardo jumps to the track. The Red Bull RB13 makes his debut in this day of test.09:21

absolute Tranquility on the track. Still have not jumped to the asphalt, the Red Bull RB13 and the Ferrari.


In the installation laps, Mercedes has equipped its “T-Wing”. But eye, the Williams of Massa also mounted their particular “wing-T”.09:13

Checked all systems and everything works well, all the riders returning to the pits. Installation laps completed.

First few laps of instalanción. The McLaren MCL32 Alonso also comes with the grill of sensors.


Hülkenberg, Magnussen, Massa and Bottas are already in place. For its part, Ericsson comes out with grids of sensors in the C36.09:03


¡Green Flag! The pre-season 2017 Formula 1 is already underway.09:01


Less than 10 minutes to the start of the test: 81% humidity, and 9.6 º environmental and 16,1 ° in the asphalt and sunny weather. By the time the wind will not be a problem.08:52


The pilots that will be uploaded to the car in the first day of the tests are:

Mercedes: Bottas / Hamilton
Red Bull: Ricciardo
Ferrari: Vettel
Force India: Sergio Perez
Williams: Massa
McLaren: Alonso
Toro Rosso: Sainz
Haas: Magnussen
Renault: Hülkenberg
Sauber: Ericsson08:47


Virtually everything is new, including the Pirelli tyres. The Italian manufacturer brings to Barcelona more than 3,500 tires. The new compounds are wider and offer a much lower degradation.

a Result of the new technical regulations the cars have completely changed and every minute on the track is worth gold.

The pre-season of the Formula 1 is played entirely in Barcelona, with eight test days divividos in two sessions of four days.

¡Good day! The wait is over and the preseason Formula 1 is already here.08:30

Formula 1 has lived an intense week of presentations.
The nine teams that will take part of the season 2017 have been unveiled its
single-seaters, leaving patent that the category has experienced a real revolution
a result of the new technical regulations
and aerodynamics. Most cars are wide, fast
and spectacular have emerged from under the tarps that hid their secrets,
although most of them are still to be revealed. Hence, every minute
on the track during the pre-season test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
is fundamental
. This time it’s not worth to save, potential, or hide the cards.

For eight days, riders and teams will be able to check the
potential of their new cars
and begin to know the real position with respect to
to his rivals. In addition, they will also begin to learn the limits of the
new Pirelli tires
, wider and with degradation less pronounced. In
this aspect, it is anticipated that the day 2 march, if it does not rain before, right
an essay with a wet track artificially in order to check the performance
tires intermediate and extreme wet. In short, many fronts
open and much work to be done
. The preseason has begun.