Live: qualifying (pole) GP of Russia of F1 2017

Pole position GP Russia live

Although they are much less in the media, the problems of Haas with the brakes seems to have no end, especially with Romain Grosjean. The last resort of the u.s. team, back to Brembo for the rest of the Grand Prix.

¿You missed what happened in the past free? Don’t despair, David Sánchez de Castro you summed it up perfectly: Vettel reiterates the favoritism of Ferrari13:37

¡Good afternoon! In half hour will start the qualifying session of the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi, with much to tell. The keyboard Adrián Fernández, a greeting!13:31

The qualifying session of the Russian Grand Prix could be the emblem of the paradigm shift is more important in Formula 1 since Mercedes took control of the grid in 2014, and that is that – free workouts have been referred to a Ferrari surprisingly fast. Although Mercedes has been reducing the indent to three tenths in the final session, and that the mark of the star tends to get a little extra in Q3, everything points to Ferrari has options that are very serious to be done, not only with the first pole of the season, if not with the first line to the full. This fact does not occur since 2008, the last year before Brackley and Milton Keynes to give the jump to fight you to you with Maranello and, by then, Woking.

In a second plane, Red Bull will try to repel the presence of cars faster in a straight line and secure a third row to seek to minimise the loss of points in the race. Behind them was a second line very matched and separated by a few tenths, a situation in which Carlos Sainz, ninth in the last free, it will try to sneak in to Q3 and get a good position on the grid in the Renault. With goals something different, not to fall in the first round will be the battle of Fernando Alonso in the day of today, always with the approval of the mechanical. Whether they succeed or not, in tell-the-minute, strictly live.