Live: qualifying (pole position) Singapore GP F1 2017 in Marina Bay

Pole position GP Singapore (Marina Bay)

¡Good afternoon! In half hour will start the qualifying session of the Singapore Grand Prix, and here I tell it to-the-minute. A greeting of Adrian Fernandez, I started!14:30

The annual visit of the Formula 1 to the night singapureña now has its first large-scale, with a qualifying session that, according to what is seen in the Free 3, promises strong emotions. Although the conditions were different to what there will be in qualifying, Red Bull has continued with the dynamics of yesterday and has set the tone in rhythm to a return, this time with Max Verstappen. If the water problems suffered at the end of that session do not pose a major problem, the Dutch are in a good position to fight for his first pole, always and when his teammate Daniel Ricciardo will allow you to.

Immediately behind, the situation is quite diffuse. Ferrari seems to be something ahead of Mercedes, but the differences have been so inconsistent between sessions, the final push of both in Q3 should put the record straight. Sebastian Vettel knows that there will be few options as good as this for cut points to Lewis Hamilton, and if he manages to transform their friction with the wall, even in times faster, it will be in a position to do so. Behind them, McLaren has uncovered the surprising result by placing both cars in the top five. A situation that doesn’t seem entirely truthful, but it gives a good feeling for Fernando Alonso in the face of a hypothetical Q3. More difficult it will Toro Rosso, which continues outside the top 10, but Carlos Sainz will seek to sneak in this zone that could be his last classification with that of Faenza. In is, we will live all of these foci of attention, and the arising, at the time.