Live the career of the Great Britain GP F1 2016 at Silverstone

Race F1 live – Silverstone

so Begins the Grand Prix of Great Britain! All mounted challenges on extreme wet tyres.14:00

¡5 minutes to the start of the race! We review the first positions of the starting grid: Hamilton, Rosberg, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Räikkönen, Bottas, Sainz, Hülkenberg, Alonso, Perez, Vettel13:57

As expected, it is confirmed that the output is made after the Safety Car once more.13:51

Carlos Sainz will start from seventh place, and Fernando Alonso from ninth. The rain opens up opportunities ahead.13:45

The rain has markedly increased intensity in the last few minutes. Smells of output after Safety Car…13:44

reported a few drops of rain before the race, as expected. Do you come out with intermediate?13:39

Lewis Hamilton starts from the pole position, looking for his fourth victory. Behind him, Nico Rosberg aims to the sixth.13:38

¡Very good afternoon! In something less than half an hour will start the Grand Prix of Great Britain, with the rain as a threat for the first few minutes. A greeting Adrian Fernandez!13:32

One more year, the long-lived Grand Prix Britain will take place in the circuit Silverstone. This path of nearly 6 miles, was a witness in the day of Saturday a tremendous display of Mercedes. The mark of the star caught the first line of the grill with a dominant performance, led by an unstoppable Lewis Hamilton, which will seek a new triumph at home that will allow him to get closer to Nico Rosberg in the general classification, or even to overtake him.

Behind, Red Bull and Kimi Räikkönen fight, a priori, for the podium positions, with the cars of the brand of the energy drink, having won the game on Saturday Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel starting further back by a rupture of the gearbox. Just in front of the German, there is an apparent equality between Williams, Force India, Toro Rosso, and even McLaren that could swing the balance of the past positions of points on the side of anyone. That searched Carlos Sainz, which will start in seventh position, and Fernando Alonso, that it will do so from the ninth. In you’ll be able to live, minute by minute, everything that happens during a career that has, again, the shadow of the rain.