Live the race at the German Grand Prix F1 2016

Race F1 live

Careful with Daniel Ricciardo. The australian mounted superblandos new, and the british soft used. 7 seconds between the two.51/67

Order of the race: Hamilton, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Rosberg, Vettel, Räikkönen, Hülkenberg, Bottas, Button, Alonso. Sainz 12th51/67

Without any kind of pressure behind it, Hamilton makes his stop on lap 47, the same as that of Räikkönen. Via free.47/67

Second stop of Ricciardo, back 47. Vettel follows him after.15:07

Verstappen to pit on lap 45. Vettel expects a turn-over, seeking to gain position.46/67

After a couple of laps of pressure, Rosberg to pit and meets its sanction.44/67

Alonso keeps rolling in tenth position in the land of no one, to six seconds of Button, but with the advantage over Force India.44/67

And eye the australian, who has cut a second to Rosberg on the last lap and is 2.9. Virtually, is ahead with the penalty.14:59

Ricciardo manages to finally pass Verstappen with his advantage of tires, and put third.40/67

Ricciardo attacks with everything to Verstappen. It is stuck to your mate in the back 39.39/67

Felipe Massa gets back to the pits. End of career for the brazilian14:55

Rosberg gets a penalty of 5 seconds for his incident with Verstappen. The German leads by 3.7 seconds at the Dutch.14:52

Hamilton made his pit stop on lap 35.14:49

it Also investigates a maneuver between Grosjean and Magnussen for the same reason, to take a pilot from the track.14:47

The commissioners are investigating the manoeuvre of the German looking for a hint of illegality. While, there are the stops. Now what Vettel has done.14:46

The maneuver Rosberg has been very similar to that attempted in Austria, to repel the overtaking of Hamilton without success.14:44

Verstappen for the second time on lap 29. Fight with Rosberg, but the German will win the position!

Vettel asking on the radio that Felipe Nasr meets the blue flags that are being displayed.14:41

Palmer is running his second stop, turn 27. On the laps 35-45 we should have the rest of the stops.14:40

Behind, Räikkönen is sixth, Bottas, Hülkenberg, Button and Alonso. Sainz occupies the 15th place.14:38

After 25 laps, Hamilton is still leading with a margin of 6.7 seconds ahead of Verstappen. Ricciardo to 2.3 of his team mate, Rosberg to 1.3 of the Red Bull and Vettel to 4.5 of his compatriot.14:37

Good manoeuvre on Fernando Alonso at turn 11 on Esteban Gutierrez for tenth place.14:34

Massa loses two positions in the curve and a half with Sainz and Grosjean, and falls to P16. Terrible career of the brazilian.14:32

Alonso wheel eleventh, to the hunting of Gutierrez. The spaniard has shown a terse radio after losing position on pit.14:31

Button ahead of Gutierrez after a couple of laps of pressure, and is placed ninth.14:28

Verstappen is six seconds from Hamilton, with an advantage of 1.4 on Ricciardo. This, in turn, have to Rosberg to 1.714:26

Bad stop of Kimi Räikkönen on lap 15. Alonso has also made his first stop. Rosberg is informed that the betting comes around for Plan B.14:25

After scoring a searing pace with their superblandos, Hamilton at the end of the turn 14.14:22

Ricciardo made her lift one lap later, along with Bottas. Hamilton still on track.14:20

Verstappen and Rosberg’s stop on lap 12. The stop of the Dutch has been 1.3 seconds faster14:19

Bad stop Toro Rosso, which causes Sainz lost the position gained on the track.14:17

Immediately after his fight, Sainz and Massa are running their first stop. The gums begin to suffer, Verstappen has complained of their rear.14:17

Sainz passes finlamente to Felipe Massa for the eleventh position, and Magnussen makes him own after.14:16

Daniil Kvyat for pit stop on lap 8 after complaining about his tyres radio.14:14

Now it is Carlos Sainz who attacks Massa, who seems to have damage on your touch with Palmer.14:13

Fernando Alonso dispatched to Felipe Massa to move into the top 10.14:11

have open distances in the first positions, even if Räikkönen is close behind Vettel.14:11

In the repetition of the output, it will be appreciated that Rosberg skidding the tires in third gear. Great maneuver Verstappen on the outside to pass Ricciardo.14:09

Great output also Jenson Button, who is ninth ahead of Massa. Perez has dropped to P15. Palmer has stopped in the pit.14:08

Good output of the two spaniards. Alonso is eleventh, and Sainz thirteenth.14:06

First round: Hamilton, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Rosberg, Vettel, Räikkönen the first six.14:05

¡Bad start of Rosberg, fourth! It Leads Hamilton!14:04

Probability of rain 20%, according to the weather official.14:01

¡START OF THE FORMATION LAP! All with superblandos, except Esteban Gutierrez (soft)14:00

we Recall top 10 grill: Rosberg, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Räikkönen, Vettel, Bottas, Hülkenberg, Perez, Massa. Alonso will come out 13th, and Sainz finally 15th13:56

The pilots are directed already to their cars. It is 10 minutes. Clouds threatening, but it does not seem like it’s going to rain.13:50

The attitude of the Red Bull at the start and in the race will also be a factor to observe. Ferrari threat with his pace in the race behind.13:46

Fernando & JB burst out the garage & head to the grid. That start/finish grandstand is packed already. #GermanGP
— McLaren (@McLarenF1) July 31, 2016


The output will be, as always, one of the intense moments of the race. Will Hamilton beat the game to Rosberg?13:40

¡GOOD AFTERNOON! Welcome to the live transmission of the German Grand Prix At the controls, Adrian Fernandez. In about half an hour, this will start.13:32

For the fifth time this season, Nico Rosberg will start a Grand Prix from pole position. On this occasion he will front of his home crowd at Hockenheim, as in the last race of the circuit. The German track returns to the championship after a year absence with a fight for the championship high for everything between “your” pilot and Lewis Hamilton. No yellow flags on this occasion, the british faced the new race from the second place of the grill. Behind them, waiting for any mistake and for assaulting a second position in the constructors, the duo of Red Bull to them has, with Daniel Ricciardo to the front.

A disappointing rating forces Sebastian Vettel to throw the rest in the race this Sunday. Will start from sixth place, with Kimi Räikkönen ahead for the third time this year, and with the race pace of the Ferrari as a great asset to fight the Red Bull. In the positions later, the pilots of Williams make a sandwich positional Force India, and both will seek to obtain the highest number of points in their particular battle. The Spanish riders will have an uphill task to score today, with Fernando Alonso 13th and Carlos Sainz 16th after a penalty, but Hockenheim offers opportunities for overtaking. In is, I’ll tell you all where they occur, and much more, strictly live.