Live the race of the Grand Prix of Canada F1 2016

Race F1 live

Vettel is first. Hamitlon, Verstappen, Ricciardo and Räikkönen in his wake. Alonso is eighth, ahead of Rosberg.20:04

¡Vettel ahead of the two Mercedes! Touch Hamilton and Rosberg.20:03

¡turn off the lights! Start the Canadian GP.20:03

the grill in extremis. All the technicians, VIPS and other personnel are in the pitlane.

Start of the formation lap.20:01

finally, Perez and Magnussen start with new rubbers soft and Button and Haryanto do the same with a new set of tyres superblandos.19:59

Gutierrez, Grosjean, Kvyat, Palmer, Wehrlein, Nasr, Sainz and Ericsson choose to mount a set of ultrablandos new.19:59

Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Räikkönen, Bottas, Massa, Hülkenberg and Alonso come out with tires ultrablandos used by regulation.

¿Can Vettel break the dominance of Mercedes?19:58

Five minutes to the start of the Canadian GP. Are you prepared?19:55

23º C on the track, 12 ° C in the air. Cold temperature, 59% humidity and a low pressure. Is it going to rain in Montreal?19:48

Sounds like the anthem of Canada at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.19:46

it Is the time to remember the grill of the GP of Canada1st Hamilton 2nd Rosberg
3rd Vettel – 4th Ricciardo
5th Verstappen – 6th Räikkönen
7º Bottas – 8th Massa
9th Hülkenberg – 10th Alonso
11th Pérez – 12th Button
13 Gutierrez – 14th Grosjean
15th Kvyat – 16th Palmer
17 Wehrlein – 18th Nasr
19th Haryanto – 20th Sainz
21st-Ericsson – 22nd Magnussen

Aaaaand everybody go go go (to the grid)! #CanadianGP
— Renault Sport F1 (@RenaultSportF1) June 12, 2016


The first riders arrive to the grill, we focus on already in the race.

By its status as a fast track, Montreal is focus usual updates on the power units. Honda and Ferrari have spent tokens to upgrade the turbos to their engines.19:36

in Addition, Ferrari also mounted on Cadaná some updates on your car.19:35

The appointment in Montreal involves changes in aerodynamic, also in the Mercedes from the poleman Hamilton.

Before you enter into the dynamics of the race, we are going to review some of the key points of the Canadian GP.

Good afternoon friends, a little more than 35 minutes to the start of the race Grand Prix of Canada19:25

The GP of Canada promises strong emotions. The race at the Gilles Villeneuve comes loaded with incentives after a qualifying session in which Lewis Hamilton scored his fifth pole in that path. However, the doublet of Mercedes, came from the hand of a good paper of Sebastian Vettel and the two drivers of Red Bull, you may well fight for the win as the race in Montreal does not follow the usual channel. In this aspect tap to look at the tires and the sky, since the strategy and the arrival of precipitation will vary all plans.

The race condition unpredictable and the various technical developments that have included computers in their cars dissipate in part the established order, something that no doubt will seek to exploit the riders behind to get a good result on the fast and technical layout canadian. either by strategy or by the rain, drivers like Fernando Alonso may have the opportunity to clinch a good career. In this aspect, the asturian part in the tenth position, while Carlos Sainz will have a race against you, since that will start off in the twenty-plaza after replacing the gearbox.