Live the race of the Grand Prix of China F1 2016

Race F1 live

Speaking of the title, it will be Lewis Hamilton who close the grill after their mechanical problems. It’s up to trace.07:37

The goal: the victory 17, with the that would overtake Stirling Moss as the driver with the most wins without a title07:34

Nico Rosberg tops the grill for a 23rd time, in the place where he did it for the 1st time07:33

¡Very good day! Half an hour for the light to turn off in Shanghai.07:30

The return to the rating system 2015 not only provided a session entertaining, if not also some surprising results. Nico Rosberg won his first pole of the season, and thanks to the mechanical problems that have hampered the weekend for Lewis Hamilton so far, and that will force the three-time british back from the last position. Daniel Ricciardo accompanies Rosberg in first line and search for the first podium of the year for Red Bull. You must defend yourself to this of the Ferrari, led by a plugged Kimi Räikkönen, who will seek to take the opportunity to intetnar assaulting the triumph.

Both Carlos Sainz, 8th, as Fernando Alonso, 11th, depart with good options to get more points on a fast circuit that combines long straights with curves of wide radius and forks, with a first sector of grip, a second of traction and a third of raw power. All this, with the shadow of a rain are not expected, but can never be ruled out. It is not a fairy tale: you’ll be able to follow the Grand Prix of China here, live from 07:30, in is