Living in Los Angeles: say hello to the Ford Escape, that is to say to the future Ford Kuga

The Escape is the smallest member of the family SUV of the american Ford. Its renewal has been made official today, just hours before the opening of the Hall of Los Angeles 2015. Although our market is not marketed, you have to have it very present, since it is the twin brother of future Ford Kuga.


A design very similar to the current one, but with a face wash rejuvenating

The Ford Kuga has a few years under their belts. The valencia plant of Almusafes takes care of production and distribute it to all of Europe, but since a few years ago, too much, we are asking for a complete renovation. The advancement of technology, and above all of the rivals, has been left far behind in a very competitive market.

The future Kuga will be practically identical to the Escape that we see in images. will Change some details of the exterior. All of these legislative differences. Most of these changes will focus on the optics, since the code of circulation american is different than we have in the old continent.

In the interior also is expected to make major changes, not to say that none. The one thing that surely I varied is the gear change, while in the united States only comes with the automatic change in Spain and Europe we are more of a manual change. Apart from that, the entire interior will remain the same.


on the inside comes into play the design typical of Ford

This includes the renewed technology introduced in the Exhaust. From the LED headlights, up to the past systems, infotainment and assistance systems, will become apparent in the european version, including adaptive cruise control, vision cameras, parking remote and opening a hands-free tailgate, which already boasts the Kuga today.

If mechanical we talk about, it is here where we find the changes more widespread between the Escape and the Kuga. The european versions will have a wide range of engines, both diesel and gasoline accompanied by the name Ecoboost. That is to say blocks of four cylinders turbocharged with a low fuel consumption and emissions.

While the unit american will be presented today to the general public of Los Angeles, the european version is still making his point. Their launch is not expected until next year, from then on you will have to share a fleet with the other large SUV’s that Ford’s plan to bring Europe and that takes time to be marketed in the usa.US, the Ford Edge.


The Kuga will be practically the same as what you see in pictures