Lo and behold this Lincoln Continental Mark V 1979… just the cardboard, to scale 1:1!

The human being is extraordinary,“ said one ad for a certain sports drink a few years ago. And I agree. An american artist has created this wonderful Lincoln Continental Mark V, and what has created to actual size based pieces of white cardboard. Is the work titled “miles to Empty” of the artist Shannon Goff, born in Detroit. It represents the complexity of american life, but deserves to be in the living room of a petrolhead more than in a cold art gallery. His attention to detail is just beastly.

A sculpture to actual size, with almost 6 metres of length and attention to detail is exquisite.

Was the grandfather of Shannon Goff who had a Lincoln Continental as that of the images. An authentic yacht road almost 6 meters in length, with a huge V8 engine in its bowels, with which the family is going on vacation to lake Michigan. The definition, the memory of the american car that dwells in the mind of many people, in summary. We have been impressed with the the quality with which the model has been built. The sculpture has taken months to be built, and each panel was designed and hand cut by the Shannon.

The end result takes away the hiccups, but the details even more. The interior is the most impressive part of the car, specifically its dashboard. If we compare the images with those of a Continental real, like we removed the speech. The instrumentation is a work of art, like its steering wheel, or the vents of the passenger compartment. I recommend you take a look at the other projects of Goff, there are very interesting things in your portfolio, always with the cardboard and the paper as a conductive material.

Source: Petrolicious
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