Load program into Destination Tesla exceeds 75 points in Spain

Tesla Carga en Destino

The program of “Cargo at Destination” Tesla surpasses 1,000 points in Europe.

To the growing network of Superchargers (Supercargadores) that Tesla Motors is still spreading throughout the european continent, we must add its program of “Load Target” (Destinantion Charging). The american company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of electric cars is still looking for alternative ways to encourage the use of this type of vehicle. And without doubt such a program of charging points is one of them.

currently, Load program into Destination of Tesla more than 1,000 points spread all over Europe. Although the company continues by pointing out that the most suitable place to recharge their electric cars continues to be the work or our house, Tesla is designing a parallel network of charging points for all its customers to have access to them when they are away from home.

In this way, stands as an interesting alternative for those drivers that are away from a station Superchargers. Since the vast majority of stations Supercargadores (there are currently 270 in Europe) are oriented close to major highways to cover long distances.

Tesla Carga en Destino - mapa

At present, Spain has more than 75 points of Cargo at Destination. Source: Tesla Motors.

But to return to the program Destination Charging, what is your goal? Tesla has sought to partner with hotels, resorts, restaurants, and museums all over the world to install chargers that allow recharge 100 kilometers per hour. A timeout is perfect for those drivers who are going to spend the night in a hotel, do some shopping or do a little tourist visit to a museum, for example.

In Spain, the Load program into Destination features more than 75 points between hotels, resorts, or museums. Places rated by the manufacturer of electric cars as “points of interest”. Though without going much into details, Tesla anticipates that during the coming months, the european network will continue to grow at an exponential rate. Therefore, we can assume that Spain will continue to put in place new charging points at the destination.

on the other hand, and taking advantage that we are talking about the infrastructure that Tesla has unfolded in our territory, it is interesting to remember that we have a total of nine stations Supercargadores operational. Practically the whole of the east coast of spain is already covered. To this we must add two other stations situated near Zaragoza and Vitoria-Gasteiz respectively.

Tesla Superchargers en EspaƱa - mapa

The growing numbers of charging points program Destination Charging should we add the stations of Superchargers available in Spain.