Loeb breaks a lance in favour of Kris Meeke


half way between the end of the rally and the start of the Rally Monte carlo, Sébastien Loeb has broken a lance in favour of Kris Meeke. The alsatian believes that Citroën Racing has made a good choice to bet on Meeke as the pilot in charge of developing the new World Rally Car of the mark going into the season 2017. Meeke will be in charge of evolving the Citroën C3 WRC, while it performs a program to be partial to the DS3 WRC for PH Sport. This program begins this week at the Monte carlo Rally, proof that Loeb has won on seven occasions.

Ogier is the driver in the most strong, but I don’t know what your level is when developing a car. He is in Volkswagen, Ogier or Latvala are not options” explains Sébastien Loeb. I Think that is a good option for Citroën to have Kris Meeke. He is very smart because it is conductive and almost an engineer. Kris understands very well how the car works, so is the ideal person for the development of the new car. I think Meeke is better than other riders that are on other computers. there’s Not a better option“.

That is the opinion of a Sébastien Loeb who has been very close co-worker of Kris Meeke, as the frenchman would have been willing to be part of the program of development of the Citroën C3 WRC. However, his abrupt exit of the Vehicle with destination to Peugeot has cooled down any possibility. In spite of this, Meeke showed alagado by the comments Loeb: Have the backing of a pilot as he is great, but at the same time a motivation to be able to do my job. Loeb and Citroën have set the bar very high and that is the level that we want to go back to get”.