London acquires 52 BMW i3 as a car of fire

BMW i3 como coche de Bomberos en LondresThe british city of London has purchased a generous fleet of 52 BMW i3 that will be fully dedicated to the Fire department of the city. It may seem strange that a body of fire using a car of reduced dimensions such as the BMW i3, but their labors are not always designed to extinguish fires and rescue, so that the utilitarian urban will be used for other tasks.

As we said, the firefighters have other functions, such as, for example, to carry out inspections in buildings that are in poor condition, attend meetings, visits to the town hall or open passage to the large firefighting trucks. Functions the BMW i3 will be able to meet more than.

These 52 vehicles of the German firm is clearly identified as vehicles of the Fire department thanks to their yellow and red colors and lights, rotating, also incorporating different systems of authority and internal sirens. Come to to replace the ancient fleet of the city of london, which consisted of 60 Vauxhall (Opel) Astra diesel engine that used up to now, reducing the pollution of the city. Apparently, these vehicles will remain in the service of the body during the next five years. The BMW i3 purchased feature with the gasoline-powered generators that increase the range of autonomy of the vehicles, as they could not allow a short autonomy.

Commissioner of the Fire of London, Ron Dobson, said: “I Am proud that the brigade is leading the movement from diesel to electric, which will cause an improvement in air quality for londoners”. Also added that perhaps in the future also be the first fire brigade in having a fleet of fire trucks electrical. It would not be surprising, even more with the hard you are trying to London to the cars more polluting in the downtown area of the city.

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