London fined with £ 1,000 to those who assemble rampage with your sport

London fined with £ 1,000 to those who make the cape with his car

The neighbors of London they have just won a tough battle against the colloquially called “Millionaire Boy Racers” that are nothing more than the millionaires, usually young people, dedicated to walk their sport through the streets of the city, making the maximum noise possible to attract the attention of all. Pure postureo of high standing, which from now on will be fined up to £ 1,000, about € 1,380 to the change.

foreigners do not get rid of paying it

you Only need to perform a simple search of internet videos to see with your own eyes which is the day-to-day by the residents of London, especially in July when the end of the Ramadan marks the arrival of rich people from the middle east looking for a more pleasant climate for the summer. Although they are not the only ones, there are causing these disturbances of all nationalities and even local down to the big city to to show off their high-end vehicles.

neighbors London were already tired due to not only the noise for the sport, but also by the situations of danger and accidents that is sometimes generated. As, for example, unnecessary accelerations in the narrow streets to prove how quick they are to their vehicles, some other race impromptu or burning wheel in the middle of the street.

After a query has been approved by the law of protection of public spaces that prohibits revving the engine unnecessarily, fast acceleration, runs in the city, reckless driving -as the drift or burnouts-, sound the horn when they are not supposed to draw attention, to cause obstructions in the traffic and even to exit a parked vehicle with the engine running. It is seen that many leave the vehicle parked in front of a store while making a purchase regardless of the blocking of the streets.

The law will be effective in the areas that has been affected by this latest fashion as that of Knightsbridge and districts Kensignton and Chelsea. Residents will be provided with a telephone complaints 24 hours to give notices of such acts and even being able to provide the license plate number.

The authorities of London have placed special emphasis on foreigners do not get rid of the fine already that will be put in contact with the embassy of the country corresponding to the notification, and if this were not enough for the competent authorities foreign to their country of origin.