London Taxi LT5: the new hybrid model in the snow


The new LT5 testing in the snow.

These images are not anything usual, a testing unit new model of London Taxi Company or LTC, the company that manufactures the iconic taxis british, while performing the usual tests of winter in environments of low temperatures in the north of Europe, as we are accustomed to see the majority of manufacturers.

In this case it is the new LT5, the new generation of the recognizable model which, as you have been told feature a new aluminium platform and a new mechanical layout hybrid. This will be composed of a gasoline engine three-cylinder, which is used as a generator for the batteries, although the wheels will be driven by two electric motors, with a range of 120 miles

A time consumed batteries, the fuel engine acts as a range-extender, in a similar manner to the Chevrolet Volt. The combustion engine is situated in the vain front and feature rear-wheel drive.


Mule-based test in the Volvo XC90.

As you can see here in the is the only publication (digital and paper) who managed to discover it, to develop this new platform of LTC employed a strange mule of tests based on a Volvo XC90 battle understood.

The reason to use a mule so unusual that it’s quite simple, both Volvo as the London Taxi Company are trademarks owned by the chinese company Geely. Hence, employing the large SUV Swedish, to mimic the size and weight of the british model, capable of accommodating 6 passengers.

In the images we can see part of the development of the new LTC LT5, in environments temperatures below -40 degrees celsius. Where they are tested not only the mechanical organs, but the various systems and items of equipment, such as heating.