London Taxi TX5, the saga continues


London Taxi belongs to the chinese manufacturer Geely, which took control of Volvo. Just released their latest model of “Black Cab”, with clear reminiscences to the model FX4 from the 50’s. It is a project with an investment of 250 million pounds, of which 50 are only to make it in Coventry (Uk).

London Taxi TX5 will come to the streets of the city watered by the Thames in 2017, with a hybrid engine plug-in petrol leaving the Diesel engine of source VM Motori. A large part of the races will be able to do with electricity, while autonomy is a fact unknown at the moment.

As it can’t be otherwise, the TX5 comply with the strict requirements of the transport authorities of the city, including a reduced turning diameter (8.5 meters), space for six passengers or a large capacity for luggage. To lighten their weight and increase their efficiency, will feature composite materials, in addition to an aluminum structure.

Soon we will know more about its technical characteristics.

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