London will impose a £ 1,000 fine for making the point, producing noise, with your sports

a long time we’ve been talking about it. In London have had enough of the Millionaire Boy Racers, walking usually by the british capital in their sports, often hindering the traffic, occasionally starring in accidents, and almost always generating a lot of noise to shake up the motor of their brand new sports. The situation has reached to such an extent that it has been necessary to propose a law for the protection of public spaces, which will be punished with £ 1,000, about 1.383€ at current exchange, to those that generate too much noise with their cars. A fine, if it is true it will be negligible for the capital that manage these drivers, at least serve to benefit the public coffers.

The ordinance Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) aims to restore the peaceful coexistence on the streets of London, more specifically in the area of Knightsbridge, and the districts of Kensignton and Chelsea, one of the areas in which the sports were causing major problems (The Telegraph).

The neighbors complain above all of the noise generated by these sports as exclusive, but also the risk of accidents. A Lamborghini or a Ferrari roaring is probably an entertaining show for the tourists, or to the many car-spotters that, camera in hand, photographing the machines that they walk around London. But, of course, is not a dish taste good to the neighbors.


The ordinance will be punished with £ 1,000 to those who show an attitude little civic at the wheel of their machines. Penalties are imposed on drivers who revolucionen unnecessarily the engine of your car, that will speed up with intensity, burning wheel, or to be involved in the sprints unnecessary. But also be punished with the same penalty to those who keep the engine of your car switched on unnecessarily, obstruct the traffic (we have seen videos in which even washed a sporty on public street, occupying part of the lane), play the horn, or even dare to walk around London with the music too high (Daily Mail).

Although it has often been associated with the presence of sports to the amount of wealth in the middle East who have settled in “the city”, what is certain is that the behaviors little civic do not understand nationality, and the premises also would have contributed to tighten this rope to force the authorities to toughen sanctions.

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