London will put £ 1,000 fine to the supercars that look for prominence

Superdeportivos en Londres prohibiciónThe inhabitants of London have to live every day with something that ends up being annoying. There are traffic jams, or the amount of tourists that pass through the city, are the supercars luxury. In London, as in any great European capital, it is not difficult to bumping into supercars in the streets, many of them are local residents, although in the summer, flock to the british capital, many citizens of wealthy of the Middle East to those who love the supercars.

many of these drivers like to show off car, and do usually revolutionizing the motor to to call attention of all those present. The divots at the traffic lights, burnouts or any other form of call attention also is valid. Complaints by neighborhood there are so many and so repeated, that some time ago the city council of the city already raised to punish those behaviors. Now is n effect a new law that proposes to fines of up to £ 1,000, about 1.380 euros at current exchange, in the face of these behaviors.

Ferrari 488 GTBThe new Law on the Protection of Public Spaces (Public Spaces Protection Order, or PSPO) affecting the districts of Kensignton and Chelsea, prohibiting revolutionize the in-vacuum motors, racing through the city, to accelerate quickly, to cause obstructions, sound the horn for no reason, leaving the car stopped and started or any other type of “show”. The penalties can reach up to 1,000 pounds, which in most cases will not make damage to any pocket.

has enabled a number of specific phone that will be available 24 hours a day to be able to give notices and that the authorities act accordingly. In the event that violations are committed by foreign citizens, the forces of law and order will be put in contact with the embassies to study other actions.

Source – Daily Mail