Long live streaming! Unlimited Internet (and series) for the new Audi Q2

just a few hours that is taking place General Meeting of Shareholders of Audi. In addition to results of record – taking into account certain problems with TDI engines – have announced various details about the future of the brand. Upcoming releases, many electric cars and a connectivity doubled across the range. Through an integrated SIM in the standard equipment, the Audi Q2 will enjoy a Internet connection unlimited. Ideal for converting your new Audi Q2 in an entertainment center on wheels.

Thanks to this Internet connection will be able to do searches on the Internet about the target, access the time or the price of gasoline, for example.

Today, smartphones are the center of our lives. Allow us to remotely access all types of content, and infotainment. The streaming of videos and music is one of the great attractions of the modern smartphone, and what Audi wanted is to turn the Q2 on a giant smartphone rolling. They have announced that all Audi Q2 will have a SIM serial, which will data connection unlimited to access digital content through the car. For example, do searches in the internet or search for a song in Spotify.

audi-q2-interiorBy means of integrated applications in the system infotainment Audi connect, will allow to exploit the potential of the connection to the Internet: Google maps, fuel prices and even reading messages and statuses in social networks through our smartphone. Now, if you think that you’ll be able to download gigas and gigas of data by connecting your phone, you are wrong. For convert your Audi Q2 in a WiFi hotspot – an access point to which you can connect – you will need to purchase an extra, possibly an annual fee.

Audi has not given more details about this Internet connection, but we believe it will be 4G. We hope you have a good agreement with a provider of telephony, since the prospects of sales of the Audi Q2 are positive, and that translates into thousands and thousands of gigabytes of information monthly. In a few months is put up for sale the new Audi Q2, and since you have explained why Audi has created a monster – in the good sense of the word – as well as its range of engines and potential rivals out of the market.

Source: Audi