Long live the rotary engine! So is the new patent of the Skyactiv-R, the rotating turbo in the future

The rotary motor is non-combustible. Or at least that is what Mazda wants to convey: the fantastic prototype Mazda RX-Vision Concept, we anticipated months ago, as it would be a coupe of high-flying with a rotary engine, and everything seems to indicate that a similar vehicle will come to production. Several teams of engineers of Mazda have spent years developing rotary motors more efficient and emissions contained, suitable for this decade. The result could be called a Skyactiv-R, and this is their first patent.

The patent – called “U. S. Patent Application 20160084158 – has been published by the Patent Office of the united States on the 24th of march, having received the application in December 2015. The diagrams show clearly a rotary engine supercharged by a turbocharger. With respect to other rotating turbo-charged, have been located in the bottom of the inlet port, and at the top of the engine the exhaust port, on which they immediately mounted the turbo.

1440_mazda-rx-vision-concept-07 What are the benefits of this provision? In the first place, allows you to mount the engine lower, improving the center of gravity of the car. The fact that the turbo is located in an elevated position and very close to the exhaust port helps the lag to be minimal, and the response of the engine closest to that of a naturally aspirated engine. Take a look also at the placement of the catalyst, very close to the turbocharger and practically next door to the block of the rotary engine. Someone has thought very thoroughly how to put the engine in the car.

In this link you can view the patent in PDF, and if you want to, miss in the technical details. We are left with the simple fact that the rotary engine could very soon return to the streets. More efficient than ever before, and also with plenty of power. This new generation of rotary motors should improve several dark spots of the last rotary – mounted on the RX-8. The low torque motor will be fixed by the turbo, but it should also enhance the high consumption of both fuel and oil.

deportivos-japoneses-años-90-2-35Now it only remains that something similar to the RX-Vision Concept hits the streets for us to be completely happy.

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