Long live the V12: the 5 models of the twelve-cylinder Mercedes-Benz

do you Have future engines V12? If we have asked a few years ago, it is likely that we would have responded no. Mercedes-AMG has been converted to the V8 biturbo in the heart of its strategy sports. Engines that, thanks to turbocharging, we present robust enough to meet the needs of the most special of the brand, reaching powers of up to 585 CV (in the case of the block of 5.461 cm3). ¿What need was there then of maintaining in the range of engines V12? What are 5 models of Mercedes-AMG are sold with motor V12 and will continue to do so for many more years?

The refinement, comfort and softness – not to mention performance – which requires a vehicle of great luxury, are the reasons why Mercedes-Benz continues to market models with engine V12, and it has opened a new production line of engines V12 in Mannheim.

Thanks to the V12, Mercedes-Benz is not only able to keep its model range of more than 600 BHP of power, but also of continuing to offer one of the engines more refined market. Mercedes-Benz uses a V12 of 630 horsepower, 5.980 cm3 and around 1,000 Nm of maximum torque. From 2016, all engines V12 Mercedes-Benz is assembled by hand in the new plant of engines AMG in Mannheim, following the philosophy of “one man, one engine” and the tradition that each engine is signed by the technician who was responsible for its assembly.

And, against all odds, and far from what we expected a few years ago, the engine V12 has a future. Up to the point in which Mercedes-Benz announced the increase of production of engines, twelve cylinders, as a response to the W12 TSI of the Volkswagen Group and the V12 of Rolls-Royce.


Mercedes s Class S 600 and Mercedes-AMG S, 65

The midsize luxury Mercedes-Benz is available with an engine of twelve cylinders in two flavors. On the one hand, we have the Mercedes S 600 530 BHP of power, from 190.400€. On the other, a Mercedes-AMG S, 65 630 HP of power, appearance and approach more sporty, from 269.300€. In Spain, the S-Class twelve-cylinder only marketed on the version of the long battle.


Mercedes-AMG S, 65 Coupe

The approach refined and luxurious of the new Mercedes S-Class Coupe took Mercedes-Benz to extend the range with a Mercedes-AMG S, 65 Coupe, also with this same heart of 5.980 cm3 and 630 HP. In Spain is available from 289.650€, an amount negligible, and far superior to the 205.125€ by which you can access a S, 63 Coupe with V8 biturbo engine.


Mercedes-AMG S, 65 Cabrio

this Is the last incorporation to the range V12 of Mercedes-Benz. Presented a few days ago, the S, 65 Cabrio also comes with 630 BHP of power and rear wheel drive. Although we do not yet know its price, we may take it for granted that you will be above€300,000.


Mercedes-AMG SL 65

In November, also confirmed the upgrade and facelift, the Mercedes SL, the roadster luxury of Mercedes-Benz. And he also knew that it will continue to be marketed with an engine of twelve cylinders in vee. The Mercedes-AMG SL 65 is situated in the 284.500€, nearly 100,000€ more than the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 with engine V8, which starts at 191.300€.


Mercedes-AMG G 65

waiting for the prices of the new S, 65 Cabrio, the Mercedes Class G continues to enjoy in your range of one of the more expensive versions of Mercedes-Benz, a G 65 with engine V12 and 630 BHP of power, which starts at 310.950€. We think that there is almost€ 150,000 of difference with the Mercedes-AMG G 63 with V8 engine.

Source: Mercedes-Benz
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