Longbridge closed its doors to manufacturing cars but is still alive

Longbridge fabric

Demonstrations at the gates of Longbridge in 2005

For those who have forgotten or do not live in his time the Group MG Rover was one of the manufacturers of cars with more solera in the sector. This group settled in Uk had its center of design and production in Longbridge (Birmingham). However the outcome of the history, and the poor management of the managers of the firm have led to your disappearance in the year 2005.

Upon this unfortunate fact in July of that same year, Group Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC) he purchased the remains of the company (Rover was not acquired why Ford reserved its rights, logo, and image) and moved the production to China. However he decided to revive the production in the factory in Longbridge in 2007 to storm the european market with guarantees of success. To do this were several investments millionaire and returned to hire about 350 workers.

Longbridge MG GS

The MG GS is one of the two models that are currently produced in Longbridge

however NAC is encountering a series of difficulties for the sales of MG taking off Europe. The first difficulty is the bad image that had the mark when hill. In those times it was a firm with little reliability, technology outdated, designs obsolete and a range mechanical old and poor. The second problem was a null network distribution business and put in place a new would require a great economic effort.

The third difficulty is centered in the new range product that has the manufacturer. In this case, your landing has been carried out with the MG 6, a model with a attractive design, a quality of carrying more than decent and a technology enough to meet the needs of current customers. However, the great drawback is in its limited range mechanics. The MG 6 came on the market only with mechanical gasoline and when he had a diesel has had to cease their sales by not being adapted to the regulations anti-pollution.

This situation has also been given in the other models that are manufactured in Longbridge. The urban MG 3 and the way everything compact MG GS presented the same problems as the now-defunct 6. For this reason, from the direction of the brand have decided to close of new lines of production and to bring the models directly from the factory they have in China.

explanation provided by NAC-MG has been the low profitability which they get from the factory in Longbridge, something logical because of the low sales of their models and the depreciation of the pound. However the good news (if it can be seen as well) is that only 25 of the 350 employees that has the plant lost your job. The rest of the staff will be devoted to administrative tasks of marketing and logistics.

Hopefully Longbridge shine as it did yesteryear, and MG back to the place that corresponds to him by inheritance, and spirit.

Source – NAC-MG