Look at him well, the Ferrari F12tdf will be the last Ferrari to the old-fashioned way

Ferrari presented a few days ago bright F12tdf. The swan song F12, the ultimate expression of the Ferrari for purists. Equipped with a sharp 6.3 V12 capable of developing 780 HP, it is allowed to make the 0 to 100 km/h in only 2.9 seconds, so as to achieve a maximum speed of over 340 km/h. But the key to this Ferrari lightweight limited run, is in the technologies that take your dynamics to a higher league. Look well to the Ferrari F12tdf, so something tells me that will be the last Ferrari traditional.

Say goodbye to the purity of traditional Ferrari

what will be next? What will happen with the V12 atmospheric at Ferrari?

The first Ferrari to be released to the market was the 125 S, in 1947. It was a roadster two-seater equipped with an engine V12 atmospheric located in front position, propelling the rear wheels. This traditional configuration has been perpetuated up to our days. Ferrari such as the iconic Daytona, the 456 GT and 599 GTB, have employed the same traditional schema of the engine V12 front and propulsion. A scheme reserved to the GT high-performance Ferrari, supercars mid-engine have used engines more diverse.

ferrari-599-gtb-manual-160315-06Currently, the Ferrari F12 is the only Ferrari of the range with the engine’s maximum torque and rear wheel drive. I don’t consider the LaFerrari a good example of Ferrari’s traditional, is the supercar of halo of the brand and is the first to employ a train of hybrid drive. Plays in another league, definitely. With the death of a Ferrari 458 Italia and the abandonment of naturally aspirated engines also by the California, the rest of the range – and without doubt the hard core of the range – employs thrusters turbo charged, without exception.

The Ferrari FF has been the first Ferrari with four-wheel drive. It is a GT shooting brake with a large load capacity.

Since then, engines which are both brilliant, but away from the sound, pure and keen the air of yesteryear. Yes, the power delivery of the turbo is more powerful, and their emissions of carbon dioxide also. But no one I dare to call a Ferrari F12 a little car powerful. In fact, in the F12 Berlinetta is conventional, the V12 develops 730 HP, and several testers have said that it is a car excessively powerful. More than 700 HP in a car rear-wheel-drive and front engine has certainly challenges.

ferrari-488-gtb-050215-02 Ferrari F12tdf has exaggerated the power of the F12 even more, reaching a whopping 780 CV to 8.900 rpm. With a sound that is able to raise the whole hair of the body of the driver, it is also one of the Ferrari faster at Fiorano, with a time of one minute and 21 seconds. It is possible thanks to an extreme diet slimming, which has lost a whopping 110 pounds with regard to a F12 conventional. Weighs only 1.415 kg in vacuum, the same thing that your compact equipped with a diesel engine.

What will happen with the successor to the Ferrari F12?

The future of Ferrari passes through the turbocharging and hybridization, whether we want it or not.

we don’t know, but I assure you that will not be the same. Ferrari has the technical and economic capacity of launch Ferrari a traditional configuration with 850 HP and front engine V12, without resorting to turbos. But what is more possible is that it will not do so. My opinion is that the next GT Ferrari will be a car more similar to the FF, possibly a machine that unifies the F12 and FF. You may have all-wheel drive, a power output close to 750 HP, and is moved by a V8, turbocharged, with a hybrid system support.

ferrari-f12tdf-2016-04take a Look at the latest developments from Ferrari. However much you want to deny it, the future of Ferrari passes through the hybrid and the boost. Not even the F12 was available with gearboxes manuals, so we’ll ignore the full discussion on the gearboxes. Customers demand the power and the contudencia of the turbo engines, and all indications are that the 488 GTB will be one of Ferrari’s most sold of the history. Ferrari has also eliminated their productive limits of 4,000 units per year.

how to Enter a Ferrari in a new era of mainstream? A period of increased volume, a time that will live primarily of the proceeds from the sale of the cars on the street, a time far removed from the vision of Enzo Ferrari, certainly anachronistic today. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the purity of the Ferrari F12tdf, something tells me that will be the last Ferrari engine V12 front and rear wheel drive. Something tells me that – whether we like it or not – it will be the last of the Ferrari traditional.

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Ferrari F12tdf: the last beast of Maranello has 780 HP and it is a berlinetta for the street, and the circuits

photo Gallery: Ferrari F12tdf: the last beast of Maranello has 780 HP and it is a berlinetta for the street, and the circuits

what about you, would you pay almost 700 000 $ for an ultra-rare Ferrari 599 GTB manual?

photo Gallery: what about you, would you pay almost 700 000 $ for an ultra-rare Ferrari 599 GTB manual?

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