Look at the progress the gigafactoría of Tesla in the eyes of a drone

The current state of the Gigafactoría of Tesla is portrayed in this video recorded at 4K resolution from a drone. The ambitious project of Elon Musk is being gestated from 2014 in a huge field near Reno, Nevada (united States).

The intention of this gigantic construction is to produce the sufficient amount of batteries that can satisfy the large demand of them that will occur within a few years and to a price increasingly affordable.


So will the Gigafactory of Tesla once

Elon Musk expect a ambitious rate of production of to 500,000 vehicles per year leading the real change of the sustainable mobility at the global level. By 2020, the giga factory will have a production level greater than that he possessed the whole world in 2013. With the help of Panasonic among other cooperators, Tesla aims to accelerate the reduction of the price of the batteries reaching these cost more than 30% less.

To do this will make use also of renewable energy sources, such as the installation of photovoltaic panels in the whole of the upper floor of the structure in the last step, with the goal that at some point, be able to work only with natural energy. All the adjacent land will help to create support facilities and you have plenty of space for future expansions of the same.


First images of the construction of the Gigafactoría in 2014

The factory will give a few of 6,500 direct jobs and 16,000 indirect based only producing lithium-ion batteries for vehicles (the Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3) and stationary. As you can see the factory is located at a very advanced stage although still missing a lot to finish.