Look of GT for the first advancement officer of the new Mercedes SL

After this penetrating look is hide the nose of the new Mercedes SL. A new generation that replaces the current roadster after only three years on the market. Makes Me think that possibly try a face wash that updates your image to the current canons of design of the Mercedes. We only have a photo of your front, but it is enough to appreciate a calender and lenses very similar to those that we can find in the sporty Mercedes-AMG, the fantastic and elegant GT.

I am inclined to think of a face wash rather than into a new generation.

Will be presented in the Hall of Los Angeles in a few days, and will be the next November 17, when Mercedes show it in all its glory in a press release. The aesthetic changes will also affect a new cabin, that will fit in the current canons of Mercedes: we hope to find a center console with a minimalist and possibly a screen “floating” on the dashboard.


do You rings that look?

Perhaps an instrumentation partially digitized, without reaching the level of replacing it by a screen, as is the case of the S-Class or S-Class Coupe, top of the range Mercedes. In its behind, there will also be changes, mainly in the lenses closest to the current corporate image of Mercedes. What is to see is if it will be built on a new platform.

The current generation – the R231 – managed to lose more than 100 pounds with regard to the previous R230 thanks to a new platform where the use of aluminum was extensive, and was launched makes it only 3 years on the market. Therefore, I am inclined to think of a face wash deep. In a few days we will leave doubts.

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