Looking for owner: Dodge Charger Daytona abandoned, rescued from a farm

The term anglo-saxon “barn find” refers to the cars, found abandoned in barns and sheds, but can be applied to generally any car rescued from a situation of neglect. Generally refers to cars with a certain historical value, some directly classics that can be worth millions of dollars once restored. The “barn find” today’s auction in January for the Mecum Auctions, it is a beautiful Dodge Charger Daytona recovered from a farm in Alabama, to the south of US

The aerodynamic kit of the Dodge Charger Daytona is badass, exaggerated and very sporty: your spoiler is 54 cm high.

A “barn find” book, in the final analysis. This Dodge Charger Daytona had for decades stored in an old barn, and despite being rusted and neglected, it is a car that can be restored. And it will be restored, because these Charger Daytona – created along with its twin, the Plymouth Road Runner – for the approval of racing cars in the NASCAR, are muscle cars highly prized. His production was very low, only 500 units were required for its approval, and Dodge built only 503 units in the year 1969.

there Were two engine combinations, the most valuable were equipped with the 426 HEMI “Elephant”: a racing motor adapted to the streets, a huge block of 7.0 liters and 425 HP. A Daytona 426 in good condition can be overcome currently the half a million dollars. Dodge also built the Daytona with a motor 440, a V8 7.4 liter, with 375 HP of power announced. In both cases, the powers were undervalued, overcoming the 500 HP real in the first case and 400 HP in the second case.

Dodge had to produce 500 units to homologate its entry in the NASCAR Series.

The Daytona of your images equipped with the motor 440, but your price once renovated can exceed $ 300,000. Is there a bubble in prices in these muscle car classics? Of course, yes. It is for this reason that cars abandoned like this Daytona will survive. Mecum Auctions expects that its future owner disbursement a minimum of $ 150,000 for this Daytona. It is equipped with a rear differential heavy-duty 8 ¾ – inch, and an automatic gearbox TorqueFlite three relationships.

Your paint and engine are original – it is a “matching numbers” – and has only 20.553 miles on its odometer. Other extras original are your sports seats and a dashboard with built-in timer, as well as the shifter installed in the transmission tunnel of the transmission. The car needs a restoration professional in-depth, that the return of your excessive body kit – with those flames, that wing and that front so characteristic – to its old glory.

Source: Mecum Auctions
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