Looking for the most radical of the BMW M2 of the hand of Alpha-N-Performance

Alpha N-Performance BMW M2

Alpha-N Performance offers 3 kits of empowerment for the BMW M2.

From the BMW M2 was presented and we could try it out in Engine.is, if something became clear to our newsroom is that the guys from BMW ///M had managed to create “something big.” In particular, we talked about the brand’s engineers have been able to forge that already many have baptized as a worthy rival of the idolized M4. In any case, there are people who are never happy with a standard car and, in this case, the 370 HP and 465 Nm emanating from the engine that hides under the hood of the BMW M2 may not be sufficient.

it Is here where comes into play the trainer Alpha N-Performance with its new program of adjustment for the BMW M2 is composed of different levels of potentiation as well as a series of cosmetic adjustments. In the first place and entered directly in the kits potentiation that puts at our disposal the above-mentioned preparer, we will be able to raise the power of the BMW M2 up to these levels: 400 HP and 580 Nm, 415 HP and 600 Nm as well as 430 HP and 620 Nm respectively.

in Addition, in the case of this last option that is able to raise the power of the BMW M2 to 430 HP, it should be noted that the limiter electronic speed maximum has been removed and, optionally, we can install a muffler of air flow with the throttle control so as to enjoy an authentic roar more reminiscent of a race car than a sports coupe of high-end.

Alpha N-Performance BMW M2

The rear spoiler fixed is one of the main novelties of this package of improvements for the BMW M2.

Another novelty that we find in the technical section is the new suspension system threaded and adjustable Öhlins that reduces the height of the body with respect to the soil and improves the dynamics of the chassis as well as the behavior of the BMW M2, especially in the turns.

Going to the (aesthetic, as we say, there will be news. And is that the BMW M2 prepared by Alpha-N Performance receives a body kit is composed of different elements manufactured in carbon fiber like the new rear spoiler or a new spoiler, front splitter. All of them are adjustable.

And to put the icing on the cake, the preparer has footwear around alloy wheels of OZ Racing Ultraleggera HLT 19-inch that are enclosed by a few tires that measure 245/35ZR19 and 265/35ZR19 in the front and rear axle. For the moment is unknown the price that will have this program settings even if the preparer is now accepting orders of the same.

Alpha N-Performance BMW M2

Also features a body kit with carbon-fiber specific for the occasion.