Looking for WRC more rally and World Rally Cars private


The FIA is still working on different fronts to improve the
format of the WRC
and within the measures that are being studied, the length of
the rallies and the campus of World Rally Cars are in the spotlight. Jarno
Mahonen, head of the Commission of Rallies of the FIA, working in
get a greater presence of World Rally Cars private, ensuring
some form the supply on the part of the manufacturers present in the
World Rally. In turn, the governing body of motorsport insists compact
the format of the rallies to be able to expand the calendar

The visibility of the private computer remains horse
battle for the FIA. With the WRC Trophy as a band-aid spot, the great aim
FIA passes by to adapt a model similar to that of MotoGP. Although they are treated of
two disciplines were very different, Jarno Mahonen has pointed out that the format that
uses the premier class of World championship Motorcycle racing can be a mirror.
Design a system of incentives to compel manufacturers to provide
their World Rally Cars
private teams can be key. The great challenge is to find
the balance and ensure that the manufacturers and the private teams live
without controversy, since they are both very needed in the contest.

On the other hand, is the idea of compacting the format of the
rally to expand the number of appointments on the calendar
. The list of countries
that have shown interest in hosting a test is on the increase and with the format
current it is impossible to satisfy these requests. With the nominations of countries with great commercial importance for brands, expand
the calendar to 16 rallies is an option, more when, in 2009, already was on the point
to crystallize a calendar as well. All in all, this calendar would
to reduce the format of the rally to four days with more awards shorts,
three days of competition and with the elimination of the shakedown, or the super special Thursday.