Looming a Renault Twingo sport, Renault Twingo RS

Mystery solved. Renault, yesterday, taught us in your social networks is a preview of what promised to be a new sport model, a car with the seal of Renault Sport. This advancement would leave us with the question of whether it would be a Renault Megane or a Renault Clio the next model of the French brand to fall into the hands of the division of sports Renault, and now we can solve it: brewing Renault Twingo RS.

For now Renault has not given any detail about it, but in this photo published, we can already see quite a few ingredients of this future Renault Twingo vitaminado, details such as the gill side, the new side skirts or new tires.

what engine will this version? Great unknown.

let us Remember that currently the most powerful version of the Renault Twingo has a gasoline engine of 90 horsepower in readiness to the rear, available with both manual gearbox as a dual clutch transmission.

will we See a version enhanced for this engine three cylinders and 0.9-litre or Renault will introduce a new powertrain in the trunk of this Twingo sport?

we’ll Have to wait to find out and it seems that we will do so earlier than expected taking into account the pace of publication of advances from Renault.