Lorenzo Bertelli cause low in the Rally of Germany


Lorenzo Bertelli has communicated its low of the Rally of Germany.
The Italian, who was enrolled with his usual Ford Fiesta RS WRC in the
the first asphalt event of the season, has canceled its involvement with the
objective of ensuring to the complete recovery of his co-driver Simone Scattolin.
It should be recalled that after the accident suffered by both in the second stage of the
Rally of Finland, Scattolin had to be rushed to the hospital after losing
consciousness for a minute. Despite this absence, it is expected that the
duo formed by Bertelli and Scattolin is back in the Rally of China

During the second day of the Rally of Finland, Bertelli lost control of his Ford Fiesta RS WRC at the legendary special ‘Ouninpohja’,
one of the sections faster for the entire season. As a result, the car
suffered an off track, he gave several turns of bell and after flying several
meters fell in a esplanade
. After losing consciousness, Simone Scattolin was
evacuated by an ambulance and although I received the high that same day, both
parties understand that Scattolin can’t perform the test and the preparation
prior to the event
with sufficient guarantees.

But it is still something timely, the low-Lorenzo
Bertelli is not the first that suffers in this season
. The Italian has already been lost
the Rally of Portugal due to injury after suffering a blow to the ankle during a
football game with some friends. In the same way, the accident in the Rally
Finland was also the first major mishap of the year because also had a
strong blow in the Rally of Sardinia
. Among a few things, the first year of
Bertelli integrated in the team M-Sport as a private pilot is not being a
bed of roses.