Lorenzo Bertelli hopes to be able to get in the Fiesta RS WRC 2017


The arrival of the new generation of World Rally Cars, the output of Volkswagen Motorsport and a Cup FIA of private pilots that do not satisfy almost anyone to have caused the WRC to live a complex situation. With projects still to consolidate and with World Rally Cars that will not make it to the first event of the season 2017, the championship is facing a situation in which there is an overpopulation of pilots in relation to the cars available. A complex situation that affects a large extent to Lorenzo Bertelli, one of the private pilots with a more ambitious program.

In this aspect, Lorenzo Bertelli is working to be able to play three tests with a Ford Fiesta RS WRC from 2017. The intention of the Italian is to be able to test the new World Rally Car from M-Sport in December and uploaded to a unit in the dating of Sweden, Argentina and Sardinia, your appointment from home. A goal for which you will need to negotiate with Malcolm Wilson after competing in 2016 with a Ford Fiesta RS WRC with its colors of war but managed by the own M-Sport. It will not be easy to even play this year eleven of the thirteen rallies that formed the calendar of the WRC.

According to ‘AutoSprint’, Lorenzo Bertelli has two problems to achieve this goal. The first is the rules and regulations of the FIA which indicates that only the official riders designated by teams of factory can drive the new World Rally Cars. The other big stumbling block is the number of Ford Fiesta RS WRC that will make available to M-Sport. In the best of cases, the preparer of Cumbria will have four units of its World Rally Car -not in the first events of the year – and Tanak, Evans, Camilli, Ostberg, the own Bertelli and maybe Ogier might be associated in one way or another to M-Sport.