Lorenzo Bertelli is lost the Rally of Portugal due to injury


Lorenzo Bertelli will not contest the Rally of Portugal due to injury. The Italian, who competes with a Ford Fiesta RS WRC of M-Sport, has suffered a mishap during the dispute of a soccer match in Tuscany and not be able to take part in the fifth round of the World Rally. Apparently, the private pilot supported the wrong foot on a throw of the game and the result is a fracture in the tendon of his ankle, same ailment that he suffered some time ago in the other foot. With its low, the roster of World Rally Car in the quote lusa is reduced to 18 vehicles.

The unfortunate injury of Bertelli came the day before his trip to Portugal to join the test organized by M-Sport, as has informed the coordinator of his team, Luciano Finzi: “it Was just a match for fun, nothing serious. However, Lorenzo set his foot in the wrong place, is heard a rustling and then felt a great pain. Lorenzo believes that it has damaged the tendon because it happened the same thing a long time ago on his other ankle. you must Still visit the doctors to get a thorough examination and find out the treatment”.

What is certain is that this injury confirms the ominous start of the year that is dragging Lorenzo Bertelli. The income of the Italian in the structure of M-Sport -even though it competes as a private – has not been as positive as expected. In fact, Bertelli has only managed to score on one occasion with his eighth place in the Rally of Mexico. In Monte carlo he had to leave, while in the Rally of Sweden decided to withdraw voluntarily by the controversy with the gums of nails and the lack of snow. After scoring in Mexico, was only able to finish thirteenth in the Rally of Argentina.