Lotus 3-Eleven: a wild whim limited to 311 units, but… at what price?

The latest craze, the last horse to wild Lotus has been baptized as Lotus 3-Eleven, a Lotus 3-Eleven embodies the more radical, more extremist of the signature, lightened to the maximum, without concessions, but how much does it cost to have your own barqueta Lotus? of Hethel since we have “chivado” your price.

in Addition to radical, will be exclusive, only to be manufactured with 311 units.

The range of the Lotus 3-Eleven is basically divided into two options. The alternative-enrolled, with which you’ll be able to go to the trackday in turn mounted already on the car and the version of “racing”.

The version “road legal”, ready to be registered, has a starting price, not including tax, of 68.750 pounds, while the 3-Eleven Tace part from 97.083 pounds, what the change means about 90.500 euros and a few 127,800 persons euros respectively.

But, what is the difference between the road version of the racing version?

Articulated around a V6 of origin Toyota and an aluminum chassis, the Lotus 3-Eleven racing provides us with a power of 410 horses in the version of street and 460 horses in the version of racing for a set of only 925 kg in the first case and 890 kg in the second.

The racing version has a greater burden aerodynamics and has a sequential transfer, as well as with an anti-roll bar adjustable and Öhlins suspension it is also adjustable in the model of street is optional. Tires also differ from one version to another, meeting with some Michelin Pilot Super Sport in alternate street, and the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 in the race.

Recall that this model is limited to 311 units and the first deliveries will start in the next month of march.