Lotus could move production to China

To improve the benefits, and Geely would move production of Lotus in China. They are already thinking of expanding the range of models with the arrival of the first SUV.

Geely is from the month of may, the new owner of Proton and Lotus, and the chinese are already preparing the first changes for the british firm.

This year Lotus has achieved benefits after 20 years, but his new owners seek to make it even more profitable. Their production has been established in the Uk since the year 1952, but this could change soon, as Geely is planning to move the production of Lotus China.

The chinese brand has already experienced a similar situation with Volvo to move the production of the S90 China, which is now up to Europe by train. The lower production costs of chinese compensate for a logistics higher and generate better results.

But these are not the only plans that Geely has for Lotus, as they also intend to expand the current range with new models and an SUV would be the first of them. How it will affect the sales of Lotus in Europe the transfer of production to China is still a mystery, although without a doubt the arrival of a Crossover could grow the volume of sales in a considerable way.

anyway, if the production finally moves to China, it is expected that the headquarters of Lotus stay in the United Kingdom, as the Volvo was kept in Gothenburg, Sweden, after the taking of possession by a part of Geely.