Lotus debuts department of personalization: how about a british flag on your Elise?

The departments of customization of luxury brands, the signatures of sports cars, are gaining more and more weight. Porsche and Porsche Exclusive, the Aston Martin and Q by Aston Martin, Ferrari Tailor Made, BMW Individual… and now Lotus, a Lotus through Lotus Exclusive proposes an extra touch of differentiation through new finishes to your Lotus Elise, for your Lotus Requires

through this new department, we find ourselves with the ability to customize with new tones the body as well as the possibility of including new vinyl, giving a new finish to the mirrors, spoilers… not missing the stripes are double, as is also the ability to wear our Lotus with a Union Jack on the roof.

The colophon of this department of the customization comes from the hand of the possibility of adopting new finishes for the upholstery, new leather, new stitching…

A facelift to the brand:

we must Not lose sight that beyond this new department of customization Lotus has recently introduced new developments in the ranges of the Elise and Requires, by submitting a new Lotus Elise Sport and Sport 220 as well as a new Lotus Requires Sport 350.