Lotus Elise 2017: a renewed range 2017 and new version Sprint Edition with carbon


New Lotus Elise Sprint.

Lotus has revealed the new range 2017 of the Elise, adding, as is usual in the british brand small and subtle improvements, as well as more items in carbon fiber. In the range of 2017 to debut the new version Elise Sprint Edition, which presumed to lose even more weight, presenting a dry weight of only 798 pounds.

The cosmetic changes are minimal, since they barely altered the design of the small british sports. In the front we find the bumper slightly modified, with a new reading of the air inlets on the side. We also found changes in the drivers rear.

The new Lotus Elise Sprint Edition features on its standard equipment with a number of elements made of carbon fiber, which allows a saving of weight of 41 pounds. These elements, which are standard on the Sprint Edition, are also available for the new Elise Sport Elise Sport 220 2017.


Small cosmetic changes to the Elise 2017.

The new range 2017 proceeding from a price in the Uk, 32.300 lbs, a few 37.161 euros at current exchange, while the new Sprint Edition part of the 37.300 lbs, a few 42.956 euros. In both cases, always with the 1.6-litre engine, which delivers 135 HP (134 hp) and 160 Nm of maximum torque.

In the case of opt for the supercharged engine of 1.8 liters we find the Elise Sport 220, with a price of 39,300 pounds (45.245 euros) and the Elise Sprint 220 with a base price of 44.300 lbs (51.006 euros). Both have 220 HP (217 hp) and 250 Nm of maximum torque.

In the interior we also find modifications with lining in Alcantara and contrast stitching, as well as the new central console that premiered recently the Demands and new shift lever. We will also run Bluetooth.


Less weight even for the Elise 2017.

finally, the version Elise Cup 250 still crowning the range with a
price 47.400 lbs, 54.571 euros. The version 2017 provides a
slight weight reduction, 23 kilos less than the previous one in its format
, protruding up to 40 kilos if we ask for the new
extra fiber carbono.

Versión Potencia Libras Euros
Elise Sport 135 CV 32.300 Lbs 37.161 €
Elise Sprint 135 CV 37.300 Lbs 42.956 €
Elise Sport 220 220 HP 39.300 Pounds 45.245 €
Elise Sprint 220 220 HP 44.300 Lbs 51.006 €
Elise Cup 250 CV 47.400 Lbs 54.571 €

Note: Prices in Uk.