Lotus Elise 2020: less than 4 years to meet the new generation of lightweight british sports

rumors about a new generation of the Lotus Elise return to the load. At the beginning of the year we heard the first voices implementing a new Lotus Elise, you what we have in the article, “In 2019 we will get to know the new Lotus Elise… and it will be a sporty more “practical,”” but now back to the load the idea of this Lotus Elise “S4” accompanied by new indiscretions. do With that surprise you the of Hethel?

The progression of the brand in the US will play a critical role in the future of the brand:

according To Coach this new generation of the Lotus Elise would be with us in 2020 would have been confirmed already by Jean-Marc Gales, to the front of the signature.

This brand new Lotus Elise would be away for the conceptual model seen in 2010 to stay faithful to the original concept, the first Lotus Elise, with special emphasis on, as it could not be of another way, your weight really helpful, its good dynamic qualities and its feel good driving.

900 kg. This could be the weight of the new Lotus Elise, according to the british, an excellent figure if we take into account that, compared to the first generation, now we would find ourselves with an improved provision of security and, according to earlier rumors, equipment.

as it is now expected that mechanically this new Lotus Elise uses a propellant Toyota even though, logically, it is still too early to go into detail in the specifications of this Lotus Elise 2020.