Lotus Elise Race 250: the maximum exponent of the competition created by Lotus

Lotus Elise Race 250

The new Lotus Elise Race 250 is based on the Lotus Elise Cup 250.

The boys of Lotus Cars have revealed the that we could well define as their maximum exponent in the world of the competition of the motor and the circuits. The new Lotus Elise Race 250. It is possible that in a first moment, your name seems familiar. And that is, if we remember, relate it directly with the Lotus Elise Cup 250. A model presented at the Geneva motor show 2016, and in which is based this beast of competition.

As you may have already guessed, we are faced with a model that, unfortunately, can only be driven on the circuits. An interesting alternative to own a Lotus Elise that will delight their owners in these “track days” in which to bring their mechanics to the limit in the circuits most iconic in the world. If well, best let’s describe all the new features premiered the Elise Race 250.

On the outside, has been equipped with a new body kit composed of a front splitter, a rear diffuser and a new rear spoiler that generates downforce further. Also, skip to view a moon rear of polycarbonate as well as a few Brembo improved that comply with the FIA regulations, and a few new adjustable dampers Nikon.

Lotus Elise Race 250

it Is a model focused exclusively on the circuits and racing world.

in Addition to this body kit that improves the aerodynamics, the engineers at Lotus have also worked on reducing the weight of the Lotus Elise Race 250 as much as possible. To do this it has installed a new battery, more light and a few seats out of carbon fiber. And along with these two elements, we can complete “the diet” as an option with the package Carbon Aero which replaces all the elements of the body kit for more light.

With all of these changes, the final weight of the Elise Race 250 is situated at about 900 kilograms. In comparison with the Elise Cup 250, it is a reduction of 31 kg respectively. Another innovative element to keep in mind is the new steering wheel inside that can be removed. And to complete the new aesthetic exterior, note the alloy wheels are forged ultralight 16 (front) and 17 (back) inch wrapped with tyres Yokohama AO48 195/50/16 and 225/45/17.

Going to the (mechanical, Lotus Elise Race 250 is powered by engine 1.8-liter four-cylinder supercharged with 246 HP and 250 Nm maximum torque associated with a gearbox six-speed manual. Thanks to this mechanism, it is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 248 km/h and although Lotus has not revealed its sales for the sprint from 0 to 96 km/h, recall that the Elise Cup 250 is able to complete it in 3.9 seconds.

Lotus Elise Race 250

it Is powered by a supercharged engine 1.8 with 246 HP and 250 Nm with manual shift mode.

the arrival of The Lotus Elise Race 250 coincides with the 50
anniversary of the factory in Hethel, Norfolk. Its price starting in the Uk will be 44.583 pounds (without
taxes), 52.893 euros
change current.