Lotus Elise Sprint, or how to lose 41 and improve sensations at the wheel

Lotus Elise Sprint

The manufacturer English Lotus Cars just rejoice in the day with the following news. The Elise has been updated slightly, but do not, do not do so sporting a new design or sophisticated equipment. The English house has wanted to improve its product base of small tweaks to its structure that will allow reduce your weight by up to 41 kilos. With this reduction are able to create a model which is very lightweight, which introduces the last Sprint as the commercial name.

The Lotus Elise Sprint mark on the scale for a final weight of only 798 kilos. To reduce of how sensitive its price the firm’s engineers have used carbon fiber on various parts of the car. Another of the elements that make him reduce his price are the new and specific alloy wheels of 18 inches. In addition, also have used new materials in certain parts of the car, doing that improves the resistance of its structure.

Lotus Elise Sprint

If we talk about design, the Lotus Elise Spirit has also seen a change some elements. On the front mounts an air inlet of larger dimensions. After she found a grill in the form of a honeycomb. In the rear the drivers have been redesigned and are now moving on to use only two lights. Close the aesthetic touches the new aerodynamic package that helps to improve acceleration and consumption with new fixtures in the area of the wheels.

Lotus Elise Sprint

The inner part is the most spartan of all. Sum a new upholstery in Alcantara and various elements in carbon fiber. As curiosity opens a box of changes with “open-gate” or what is the same, a small window that allows you to see how it works the mechanism of the gearbox. Moreover, has very few controls and they are all very well placed. The worst thing about this cabin is that its size is very small and the quality of some of the materials still leaves something to be desired.

To finish there is that talk of their range mechanics. The Lotus Elise Sprint account with two blocks gasoline with four cylinders and two types of aspiration. By a party is the 1.6-liter atmospheric with a power of 134 hp and a torque of 160 Nm. On the other hand we have the block 1.8 supercharged with 217 hp and a torque of 250 Nm. We do not have performance data after this reduction of weight, but surely will improve with respect to the previous model.

Their arrival in the british market is scheduled for the month of April and your starting price (for the version on Sprint) is about 43 thousand euros. The rest of the prices and when it will arrive to other markets has not been confirmed, but surely it won’t take much.

Source – Lotus Cars

Lotus Elise
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