Lotus Requires 350 Special Edition. Last tribute to the factory in Hethel

Lotus Exige 350 Special EditionIn this present year 2016 marks the 50 anniversary of the inauguration of the factory in Hethel, where so many glorious models of Lotus have been born. For this reason, the brand of sports cars has launched three special editions this year, with the Lotus Requires 350 Special Edition the last of them. The previous two were the Lotus Evora 400 and the Lotus Elise 250.

As in the two previous cases, the production has been limited to only 50 units, one for each year of the factory. Are some special editions that go beyond a change of color, a little more equipment and a commemorative plaque, gaining also in sportsmanship and performance although, yes, its price has also seen high.

In the case of the Lotus Requires 350 Special Edition us today, taking as base the Lotus Requires Sport 350. The designers of this coupe’s compact dimensions and high performance have managed to eliminate 26 kilos that, although they may seem few, have been deducted from a car by itself is lighter. In this way, the total weight of the set is 1.099 kg says the brand, having saved weight on the wheels, the seats and on the battery.

Lotus Exige 350 Special EditonThe motor in charge of propelling this very light sports is a V6 turbo 3.5 liter that pays, as the name of the model suggests, 350 hp; therefore, the weight to power ratio is of 3,14 pounds for each horse. Its transmission is available only with a manual change of six speeds, which sends the power produced by the V6 turbo to the rear axle. Its weight-to-power allows you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds. No less surprising is its maximum speed, that the 274 km/h in a vehicle so light must be given fear, so much fear.

In terms of the price, there is no data of how much it costs in the Spanish market, although in Germany there are out-of-pocket 81.900 euros to acquire it. In addition, there will have to be quick, because it is expected that the 50 units are dispatched very quickly.

Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition
Lotus Exige 350 Special Editon
Lotus Exige 350 Special Editon
Lotus Exige 350 Special Editon

Lotus Exige 350 Special EditionLotus Exige 350 Special Editon

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