Lotus Requires Sport 350, lighter and faster


The Lotus Requires Sport 350 is lighter and faster than the Required S

Lotus has updated the Requires to make it lighter and faster. The new Lotus Requires Sport 350 is set 51 kg lighter that the current Required by S thanks to interior modifications that have allowed it to reduce its weight until the 1.125 Kg.

51 kg lighter, 0.1 seconds faster

propeller 3.5-liter V6 of Lotus Requires, has not been powered up, and still offering 350 HP and 400 Nm par, but does not lack since the sport has gotten through the diet and a transmission faster and more accurately to reduce the time it takes to complete the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 0.1 seconds in the manual version (3,9 sec. in total), while for those who prefer the automatic change of six relations, the time is reduced by 0.2 seconds (3,8 sec. in total). The maximum speed of the sport is 274 and 261 km/h respectively.

The suspensions have been modified with shock absorbers are firmer and have achieved center of gravity slightly lowered. All of these improvements have resulted that the Lotus Requires Sport 350 is 2.5 seconds faster than the Required S in the circuit of test of the manufacturer by supplementing it in 1 minute and 29,8 seconds, being the sports manufacturer’s serial faster on that track.


The diet of Lotus Requires, has allowed him to reduce his weight in 51 kg

The strict diet of the sports Lotus is in a new battery lighter weight and new engine mounts. Other components have lost weight slightly as tubes, HVAC, panel, louvered tailgate, center console, better use of insulation and acoustic changing gears exposed. Between all contribute to the loss of weight. Although if we choose as options wheels alloy light weight (-5 kg) and the brake discs vented (-5 kg) can we make our sports in spite of only 1.115 kg.

Among other extras we can add features (and weight) with the system of info-entertainment, air conditioning, and a package of acoustic insulation. Will go on sale in February from 74.000 euros -price for the German market-just a year after appears version roadster sunroof.