Lotus Requires Sport 350, more lightness to the Lotus production faster

Lotus Exige Sport 350The british manufacturer Lotus has just announced a new variant of its roadster Requires. It is Lotus Requires Sport 350, a model that continues to offer news and that after the Elise Sport and Sport 220 retrieves this surname. With the Demands the Sport 350 the brand has wanted to make a car more prestacional and what has been achieved with a reduction of 51 kilos with respect to the previous Lotus Requires S.

Now the weight that brand at scale is 1.125 kilos, having managed to reach that figure to re-evaluate virtually all elements of the vehicle and install, battery, motor mounts, a center console lighter that lets you see the mechanism of change, a tailgate redesigned and a new distribution of the insulating materials, among other things. Continues to be the engine 3.5 V6 supercharged petrol delivery 350 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque.

Lotus Exige Sport 350With this mechanical the Lotus Requires Sport 350 you get a performance which is remarkable, as a 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and a maximum speed of 274 km/h. The weight reduction will also come with improvements such as the selector of the change, which now offers a transition between gears more precise and quick. Optionally, you can equip a box six-speed automatic with cams on the steering wheel, with the 0-100 figure in 3.8 seconds.

Lotus has also carried out modifications in the suspension of the Required Sport 350, with a few shock absorbers are firmer and a geometry revised. Along with the four-piston brakes have ensured that the Lotus Requires Sport 350 is the Lotus production faster, with a time in-circuit testing of the bottom mark the minute and a half. Is 2.5 seconds faster than the Required S.

Lotus Exige Sport 350The Lotus Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) offers drivers the modes Drive, Sport and Race, acting on the response of the engine and the sound of the exhaust in accordance to the chosen mode. Lotus will also offer new finishes to the interior, with new upholstery of leather and Alcantara or the classic upholstery fabric Tartan which premiered in 1976 at the Lotus Esprit S1.

optionally it will be able to equip alloy wheels forged that reduced the weight on 5 pounds, brake discs ventilated and drilled two pieces that save you 5 additional pounds, brake calipers in black and yellow, air conditioning, multimedia equipment to or greater soundproofing of the passenger compartment.

Lotus Exige Sport 350This new model of the Lotus Requires will hit the market in February 2016, while in march will be added to the Roadster variant. The price for the German market is of 74.000 euros.

Source – Lotus

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