Lotus Requires Sport 380, end, and relatively inexpensive

Lotus Exige Sport 380

What car radical would you buy if within a few weeks you won “el gordo” Christmas? You will surely come to mind products of the brands Ferrari, or Lamborghini, to name only a few examples. But just as you think that you would be leaving you all, or almost all, the prize in a single vehicle, and you also are holes to plug, as they say. Have you ever thought in Lotus? With the Lotus Requires Sport 380 you have a sporty as well as a few and you will have plenty of good part of the prize.

Speaking of Lotus, is to speak of competition and sportsmanship, of a lot of power in weight content, driving sensations pure… speaking of Lotus, is to speak of a mythical mark, one of the few that remain faithful to its spirit original. All of this rises to the maximum expression with the Lotus Requires Sport 380, a vehicle radical, a pure-blood, the Lotus Requires a faster set up to date and, in addition, usable on public roads.

the Successor of the Lotus Requires Sport 350, Lotus Requires Sport 380 also has absolutely nothing to envy supercars, which tripled its price, doubling your weight and that far exceed their numbers of power. With regard to the Demands the Sport 350, it is 25 kilos lighter, thanks to the use of materials such as carbon fiber, polycarbonate, carbon, or the new lithium-ion battery and 10 kilos lighter.

Lotus Exige Sport 380

The engine of the new Required Sport 380 is the same V6 of 3.5 liters and source Toyota with a boost compressor. Now he comes to 380 HP to a regime 6,700 rpm and 410 Nm at 5,000. This power increase is due to the better functioning of the system of overfeeding, a new fuel pump, to ECU reprogrammed and an exhaust system more effective. In this way, you can make the 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 286 km/h. Not bad for a car from just 1,000 kg and dimensions are very contained.

The british brand has also reviewed the a manual transmission of six relations, with a gear lever very passionate (with their mechanism to the view), and functional at the time of search, gear changes are fast and effective. Also the aerodynamics, which now produces 60% more load than its predecessor, generating 140 kg of force to its maximum speed. On the other hand, brakes and suspensions have also been revised, while that for fit its four forged wheels, 17 inch front and 18 inch rear, used tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.

Its price for the German market is of 89.900 euros, so that you still sobrarían many thousands of euros to invest in a house, pay off yours or, why not, to give away another Lotus Requires Sport 380 to your partner. What would you tell me?

Lotus Exige Sport 380

Lotus Requires

From 77.296 euro