Lowe on Di Resta: “we will Consider all options for 2018”


The british pilot of 31 years returned to compete in the maximum category of motorsport for four years after, after that participation in the Brazilian Grand Prix of 2013 with the Force India team, with Adrian Sutil as a companion.

Paul Di Resta was put at the controls of the FW40 to complete the classification of the Grand Prix of Hungary, being aware of it just an hour and a half before its conclusion. The cars of this year are considerably more demanding than those of that time, especially after a change of regulations so aggressive, but the Williams managed to get to only seven-tenths of Lance Stroll, official pilot of the Grove.

“We are people with open minds regarding what we will do for the next year, so we will consider all the options”, says Paddy Lowe. Felipe Massa returned to occupy the seat left free Valtteri Bottas to confirmed his move to Mercedes, but he suffered an illness that prevented him to compete for the Grand Prize.

Di Resta left the flag high enough to become an option for the team English in 2018, with the case of the brazilian as a turn of events that could be repeated with him as implicated. “I Think it has done much good for his reputation, but Mercedes said that perhaps he would call it also, so here is the situation”. Di Resta was proclaimed champion in the DTM in 2010, of the hand of the arrows to silver, but Mercedes will say goodbye to the category after nineteen seasons.


Lowe returned this year to Williams after leaving Mercedes.

“unfortunately, every time there will be less gaps for the riders accomplished in the future with the situation of the LMP1 and the DTM, two categories of high-level pilots of Formula 1”, said Lowe. Spanish riders have struggled to find sponsors that will enable them to reach the Formula 1, like many other contenders, but the majority has ended up with no options to get to the great circus. “The problem comes with the lack of seats for the pilots who do not find a hole in F1”, explained Paddy Lowe finally, analyzing the current situation in regard to the pilots.