Lowe: “There are things in Williams that are much better than in Mercedes”


For many it was a surprise that Paddy Lowe elects to abandon the most successful team of the grill to return to Williams for 30 years after having started his career in Formula 1 as head of the department of electronics, but the british engineer has secured a position of dominance in a team that aims to win back.

The new Technical Director, also a shareholder and member of the board of directors of Williams, it recognizes that the back to Grove has been a very special moment in her past. “it Was an emotional moment to return, almost 30 years ago that I started with Williams at the end of 87 and is very, very special return to be in the position of my head initial, Patrick Head. At the same time, it is not about being sentimental, but go forward and not to tell old stories. I am very excited for the future and I am already very happy with what I have seen and how we can grow from that.”, commented a motivated Lowe in a statement to Autosport.

But the feelings must soon be left behind, just like that Paddy Lowe can make the difference in a team that is finding it difficult to keep up as a first alternative, the three teams dominated: Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari. “It’s interesting because, obviously, you have feelings about what you have done on other computers, those feelings that are in no-man’s land when you find yourself between two jobs. I suspect that when I get to Australia I will focus 100% on my new computer and my only thoughts will be with you where we are and how we can be better. Automatically disappears with the intensity in the competition on the Formula 1 puts”, said one of the key characters in the recent success of Mercedes.

Lowe has initiated a phase in which it is vital to know the real ability of Williams, as well as aspects to improve. But, surprising as this may seem, the british claims that his current team has some advantages with respect to Mercedes. “The first phase is to know the team and how I can bring value to the same. The challenge is how to improve it with what I can offer to get the best of him. There is No difference in that, the process is the same and, without a doubt, there are things here in Williams that are much better than they have in a Mercedes. I have to identify the strong and weak points and then grow on that.”, commented to finish on a computer that has left very good impression in pre-season.